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Have a 2004 jeep liberty limited. Oil pressure light comes on. Sometimes oil is low but can't find any leaks. Can't tell if it's burning oil or not either. Has a 3.7L V6. But you can start it again and oil light won't be on. Oil level was fine when it happened yesterday. A friend said possibly bad oil sending unit, bad valve seals or worn piston rings. Can't find a leak anywhere though. Any suggestions on what it could be and ballpark on how much it would be to fix? Thank you!
I have had to and water on three different occasions,
1-replaced radiator cap -rubber ring was worn on old one.
seem to have a lot of back pressure.
wondering if thermo is bad, or water pump is out, boiling at fill spout.

Have checked all hoses and fittings, and can find no leaking, I know condensation, off the air compressor,
I have jeep diesel electronics 2004 model.. it difficult to start... and when it start too... and you the car.. the engine goes off in about 5mins drive... then it becomes difficult to start again.. thanks..
seems like the manual shifter is going back more than it used to and will not engage in reverse before hitting the center console
Changed O2 sensors per code, and changed all 6 spark plugs for intermittent fire.
Now it shows No codes ,rough idle till warmed up. Seems to run good after the first couple of minutes.
what couse it to run hot
after driving for a little while I will get a carbon smell. My MPG had decreased to 12mpg. I replaced the air filter and plugs about a yr ago
Just got this Jeep Liberty. If does great in all weather and wet roads and rain I have no problem. But twice now there has been a dusting of snow and my ass end starts fishtailing. Any suggestions for a set of good tires that will stop this but also be good for the Rest of the year? Thanks in advance
Changed the left side fuse, it worked for a couple days, blew fuse again, New fuse, now my brake lights won't light up
grinding and clicking when you turn or go stright
Jeep start up run thay put spark plugs and replace 02 sensor and thay checked 1 compression (60 lbs) but thay don't know what going on if my Jeep Liberty 2004
code says #6 fuel injector circuit.
Roars a little and a little vibration also kind of hops a little when backing up incline parking brake doesn't seem have any tension on it not sure if it's rear end or possibly ebrake hanging
My 2004 Jeep Liberty goes in reverse but only goes about a foot in drive and the back tires lock up. No one knows whats wrong or how to fix the problem. Death trap! I almost got killed!
I have a 04 jeep liberty 3.7 liter 2wd and I was wondering if it can be switched to a 4wd same engine
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