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2004 Jeep Liberty Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Jeep Liberty (3 Reviews)
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Great car all around. A few wrinkles, though. Over 100K, the valve covers tend to leak a bit meaning burned oil smell sucked in through heating into cabin. Look especially at the right rear most gasket for a leak. My Lib ended up with seat-belt/airbag fault codes from my seat belts which needed replacing. That's a first for me in any car. Airconditioner is great but heater core tends to clog and block leading to failure of heater. The Libby needs HOAT coolant fluid, not just any coolant. Make sure you insist on this at your local garage. At 100K+ miles the Lib's springs tend to sag resulting in body sag anywhere between an inch or two. Buying replacements will cost only $60-90/spring + labor. Common for balljoints to fail at 100K miles. My oxygen sensors all needed replacing at 120K. KBB value for good condition is just under $5K. At some point it costs more to keep the Lib in good condition than the book value justifies. On the other hand, given a great body, suspension, etc, there are a million second hand 3.7L motors available. A reconditioned 3.7L can be had for $1K and up. With labor, not a bad investment for what ends up being essentially a rock solid car.
Look, 2004, 3.7L, 120K miles, hwy, streets, off-road, fantastic vehicle! One noisy lifter at startup but Lucas cured that. Othewise, radio repair once (don't recommend replacement), and starter once (tricky to remove). No tunups, same mileage (20mpg). Trick is 1) reg. oil chg - synthetic - and occasional additive, 2) keep up brakes, 3) bosch platinum plugs (75K so far), 4) Get the highest cranking power battery you can find (still under $100), 5) Firestone Destination A/T tires (one size up) - you won't believe the difference in these tires vs. something else! Quiet, grip slickrock, wet or dry, snow, etc. (re: tirerack). Interior lighting is average. I'd bye another of same year with low mileage!
Great car