2003 Jeep Liberty Questions

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Thought might be a trans solinoid but got the codes read and seem like it might be an engine or cataylic converter problem. Help!
The evap monitor will not reset

Codes coming up: no codes presently stored

2003 Jeep Liberty limited edition 3.7L
it starts right up but wont idle
Had new headgaskets put on n the only code is 442
After I changed the head gaskets
light came on afer a stall then seemed to run fine. Day later started to run rough then stalled and wont restart
p0320 nand p0700 are the codes I got
When driving my 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport the engine started revving, but the car only moved because of momentum. If I pull over and restart it is fine for 50-100' then does the same thing. I had to put it into 2nd gear to limp it in to the dealership. The engine light came on. The dealership claims it has 2 errors, one of which is error after shift, and needs a transmission. The car only has 100,000 miles on it, barely, and is regularly maintained.
Can't accelerate past 2000 rpm without smoke coming from tailpipe. The smoke becomes so thick I can't see traffic behind me
I have a coolant leak but I always keep some in it.
When I push down the 4x4 lever,it quiets down a little,and the part time light stays on all the time. Had a hard time taking it off of 4 wheel drive last time I used it,but the jeep runs good,just worried.
I have an03 liberty just replaced front passanger cv shaft and the new one keeps falling off the shaft comi g out of gear box plz help
I need diagram for the vacuum system Jeep Liberty 2003
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