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Wife called me at work to tell me she had tried everything but it would not stop. When I got home 45 minutes later, it was still going. I had to unplug the horns under the hood. Has anyone heard of this happening. What could be the problem.

now it won't start at all

I was driving and it shut it literally locked up me... And now it's not doing anything!!!..
I need a mechanic..

So I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport (3.7 V6) from a friend and have had it for about a week now. Just the other day, I noticed a bubbling sound coming from the passenger side dash (guessing overflow tank) that comes and goes after I've been driving for at least 10 minutes or so, and it only seems to happen briefly when taking off from a stop. Haven't seen any indication of a leak just yet.

Temperature gauge is normal and never exceeds the halfway point. Also, I can smell a coolant smell coming through the vents when this bubbling sound starts to occur, but it is not constant and seems to go away when I turn off the car. Guy I bought it from just had the radiator cap replaced and they flushed it and "verified proper operation". What could cause these bubbling sounds and smells if they don't happen every time I drive it?

P.S. I obviously don't know much about the mechanical aspect of cars so dumb it down for me if you need to ;) lol

After repairing leak engine starts ,but is skipping terribly and will not run past 40 mph. I've read that when this happens sometimes the valve sets drop . Question is where are the valve sets?

Son recently got the jeep stuck in mud after got out started making whining noise in the rear .I have changed the axle fluid and still makes the noise .

and check the injectors, this came on all of a sudden.

it just started doing this out of nowhere

Driving down the road gas gauge will read empty cut out and worn start again for a long time no matter what you do

It runs ruff and I was told it was head gasket but has no white smoke ,oil is good and seems to have no water flow

I sill have no heat

My fan is working, but I don't have any heat. I have a new radiator and a new thermostat but I still have no heat.