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I live in Arizona and have a 2017 Grand Cherokee. When I have the air conditioning on (low setting) the cold air will change to the temperature of the outside air. It smells like the outside air or it smells like heated air (you know, the smell of the air when the heater is on). This cycles on and off about every 1-3 minutes. The other day, the heat lasted for almost 5 minutes and I actually thought my air conditioner died. The mechanic evacuated and recharged the system - still doing it. When he came for a ride he though that the change in temperature was about 20 degrees warmer. Note also that this happens in the winter, just in reverse, cold outside temperature comes in. This happens no matter what setting is used (max air, regular air, or auto). 30 min drive to/from work condenser should not be freezing or cycling.
Sometimes when I drive my Jeep and I have my heat on and both the
passenger side and driver side is set to 78 degrees, the driver side will start
blowing cool air while the passenger side is blowing out hot air. I took it to
the dealership but the problem never happens for them but they checked
some forums and they said to replace the door actuator, which they did on
my jeep, but I am still having the issue. It is never consistent and it happens
sporadically. Can anyone help me with this issue????
new jeep--1000 miles---lightning bolt image flashing with A button and engine light on--can't drive over 40 mph without rpm's high--almost seems like it's stuck in gear or something--any ideas---tried shutting on and off?? Running great ---only 1000 miles on it wth?? thasnk you for any answers
I heard a loud bang going 70 on highway and pulled over got towed to a dealership. Got home with rental and noticed a line of fluid when I drove away being drive shaft broke. I am worried there are more serious issues with New car.
I turned off a/c & radio and after 5 minutes it restarted .... this happen 2 times & I am fearful of driving it in hot weather ... solution ???
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After sitting in hot parking lot all day
How long have you had this problem? 2 x's recently
My new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo flashed "shit into park" while driving at 55mph today on a four lane highway and basically went into neutral. I had no choice but to stop and shifted it into park and then tried to put it back in drive. It wouldn't go. I had to turn it off and then the shifter worked. This had only happened once, but I don't want it to happen again. Any thoughts welcome! Thank you!
what are these little tabs attached to the windshield under the wiper blades and can they be removed!?
the owners Manuel states do not use power washers over 1200psi & I have no idea what the psi is at the auto car washes. Also a concern about it coming out of neutral when being pulled thru the car wash??? I am just a stupid concerned lady any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
I have read some things that the Jeep will kick out of neutral, also the soap, water etc.... used is not very good for the paint & wheels. Would love to hear some opinions. Thank you.
Does anyone know how to permanently turn off the Automatic Mode Stop/start feature other than with the automatic mode button, as I have to remember to hit it every time I start & stop my Jeep.
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