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I have 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited. I remote started my car yesterday. As I approached it, the car shut off and would not restart. There was no display on the dash and the starter display went from run to off. The lights and locks in the car worked as well as the seats. I could not start the car and the brake felt stiff as I tried to. Any suggestions? BTW we already ruled out a key fob issue. I have 2 and neither worked. Is this an expensive repair? Help!
Check engine light came on, code P0441at auto zone when placed on monitor
I have a JGC Ecodiesel. I'm trying to find out at what coolant temperature does the "Engine Temp Hot" DID get enabled on the instrument panel. PO 217
Hey all.

I noticed that when I remote start my Jeep Grand Cherokee, it smells like gas is coming from the exhaust.

Is there a way to diagnose what is causing this and to fix it? There is no check engine light and no codes according to my OBDII reader.

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