2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has 65000 miles on it. The dealership suggested that I get my 4WD completed. This includes front/rear diff and t-case. Is this necessary? I don't drive off rode. Just regular daily city driving. THANKS!
I was on a lengthy trip from Maryland, cruising at 65-75 mph. The car all of a sudden loses power, and I start to slow up. I immediately pull over and come to a complete stop. I turn the car completely off, and I try to start it back up, and it wouldn't turn over. I saw something about lock brakes.
When driving I hear a buzzing sound coming from the dashboard area
can't tune some of the local FM station on my U connect radio
The hood is locked.
Hi, I took my jeep to change the lights for HID lights and had my windows tint, when they finish with my car I was about to leave and when I started the car the AC and Screen were like the car was off, all blank and the check engine light was on.
They put the scanner and these are the codes that came up:

Please help me!!
We have had the throttle control error come on twice now. Each time, the car started to drive slowly and erratically and all the systems (ac, etc. turned off). We have had it towed. Dangerous to drive.
I think the correction is to replace the throttle control computer. Is this correct? The last time we had it in, the guys thought it was a loose wire, Clearly not. It is now being towed to the dealer. Help!
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