2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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Can code be caused by a bad car audio wiring job? Tech said that who ever wired my car audio wired it wrong causing a misfire?

vehicle but I can't start it until it gets reset. I am stuck in a garage on the 4th floor. I have a Jeep Dealership right across the street. They say it has to be towed. Really??? Please help.

When using the remote to get engine started it goes on but by the time i get tot he car engine turns back off

Back door lock was replaced. Spare key was sent. Garage said bad fob. They had to insert fob. When I got it back I used my usual fob but now that doesn't work correctly. Keyless entry does not work and push button start does not work. I have to insert fob and use remote to unlock.

Still the check engine light does not clear still states miss fire on #5, what next? Is it the fuel injector for #5?

"brake"light C0021-02 Brake booster general signal failure. Only on the hwy with no braking for 3mins. I had the P14 recall done last January ( they didn't replace the booster only added the housing to prevent water from getting in). When I turn the car off and then on it goes away. City driving I don't get the light. I did the 3 test that machinic's do to test the booster bump and they all pass. The only one that is questionable is the test of the check valve. The petal starts to slight rise after 20 seconds, but not fully.

When I put on the air conditioning, cool air is blowing out of my drivers side vents but hot air is coming out of passenger's side and back seat vents.

.... is invalid. What does the file name and extension need to be?

Its a push button start and recently (the past few weeks) it has had increasing problems starting up every time. It will crank and try to start but does not start. I keep trying and eventually it will start and will run fine for a while and then it happens again. I have been stranded numerous times lately. I finally took it into the dealership and they said it started fine for them and they ran diagnostics and couldn't find anything wrong with it but suggested it MIGHT be a fuse box and if I replaced that (at a cost of $1300) that might correct the problem. I said I could not afford that so I left, then Monday morning when I went to go to work the car wouldn't start. I tried for about 20 minutes and then got a ride for work. I came back at lunch and tried a few times and it started on about the fourth try so I drove it to another local mechanic shop that was suggested by a couple of people. I called them at the end of the day and they said it has started every time for them so they wanted to keep it overnight to try it today. I am waiting today to see what they find out. They told me its hard to determine a "fix" if they can't get it to duplicate the issue I say it is having. Very frustrating. Any advice I would appreciate.

Passenger side ac on 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland does not work. Took it to dealer. Gear driving blending door is broken. Dealer says I need to buy a whole assembly for $287.50 They then will remove the gear from the new assembly and replace the broken gear. This is the less costly approach for an estimate of $560.
To replace the whole new assembly is estimated at $1200 plus. Does anyone know where I could buy the gear by itself?

The starter is getting burnt and the engine has ceased