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Transmission over temp light comes on, but doesn't stay on. Battery died first time this happened and had it replaced 3 weeks ago. Light is back on. At dealership now to see if any software updates are needed. Jeep has about 150k miles on it.
going to purchase a used vehicle before we buy it need to know if it will have enough umph to drive on sand
I changed the ignition coil of same input three times in 5000 miles, even I never drive my Cherokee fast or hard. I was wondering if there is any reason that is causing this failure as well while subjecting my Cherokee to scanner, nothing is showing up.
Thank You
The transmission bangs into gear between second and third and it bangs into gear when downshifting into first when you come to a stop. It is not a severe pain but you can feel it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the engine warms up
How long have you had this problem? Two weeks
I turn the heat on and it don't get warm
I want to use my car to haul a 3200 lb travel trailer. Will this overtax my transmission or will this work?
lites work, radio, windows, everythig else works , no codes show battery new and fully charged ,remote start makes a click under dash . turn key nothing!

The Jeep came back from a transmission place. As far as I know they dropped the pan to look at things. They replaced fluid, put pan back on. Drove car home and radio had died. Screen is totally black. Can't turn on the radio. Any suggestions? Is there a fuse for the unit?
Serious vibrations when accelerating, especially up any incline. 100,000 miles on engine. Also experience slight delay when push pedal to accelerate. First told I have to replace transmission. Then told a Valve Box update and new torque converter would be an option. What should I do?
should I redo installing the thermostat or is there something I am missing. I bled it like instructed, but it is still running toward hot on temp gauge
About a week ago I installed new brake pads on my jeep and four days after I did this the warning light has been coming on intermittently then going off. Also the check 4 wd system warning signal. There are no mechanical difficulties that I can find or feel.
click in tranny only from first shifting to2nd after starting engine.
drive all day without turning off tranny ok,but turn off car than start up again 1st tranny shift to second than click!
shifting seems normal otherwise.
this only happens once after car turned off than cranked again,never happens during stop &go driving.
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