2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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We have a 09 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L, recently we have had issues with the ETC light coming on when towing. We have it in tow haul and the trailer is not over weight for the vehicle. Any help or recommendations is appreciated.
Just once in awhile this happens. Had transmission fluid changed filters
When driving it vibrating.had motor scaned had tires balance new breaks and tires.
truck was running fine. all of a sudden the dash gauges come on, radio stops working, truck is still operating fine. stopped-turned truck off-started it back up with no problems but gauges are still on and the radio is still not working
The place that I took it for inspection said that I need a new engine. Is that true or the issue is fixable
The light came on I replaced all o2 sensors with recommended sensors and almost two months later, its back same codes.
this occurs 9 out of 10 times. when I press the brake pedal and hear a little "click", I can then shift it out of park.
The engine seized, probably due to low oil pressure. I need cost ballparks.
Car won't start one day and then the next day it does start. Car is not reliable and I'm worried I will be stranded.
The alert comes on earlier than it should. I use Mobil 1 which gives me more time between oil changes.
Suspect circulation door(s). How do I access door(s)? Dealer replaced once already. Is there a better part than original?
Happens once in awhile, 2 times in 3 weeks.
the console tells me to service 4 wd system
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