2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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The place that I took it for inspection said that I need a new engine. Is that true or the issue is fixable
The light came on I replaced all o2 sensors with recommended sensors and almost two months later, its back same codes.
this occurs 9 out of 10 times. when I press the brake pedal and hear a little "click", I can then shift it out of park.
The engine seized, probably due to low oil pressure. I need cost ballparks.
Car won't start one day and then the next day it does start. Car is not reliable and I'm worried I will be stranded.
The alert comes on earlier than it should. I use Mobil 1 which gives me more time between oil changes.
Suspect circulation door(s). How do I access door(s)? Dealer replaced once already. Is there a better part than original?
Happens once in awhile, 2 times in 3 weeks.
the console tells me to service 4 wd system
I took it in for a tune up. When I got it back it had this problem. There are no codes showing no engine light displayed. It's occurs intermittently rather I'm driving 30 or 60 any ideas
i refilled the AC gas and compressor oil and i checked if there is any leak in the AC gas and there is no leak.

i tried the DTC MODE - MTC SYSTEM and i also disconnected the battery and still having the same problem.

when i refilled the AC gas, for a week the passenger side was O.K. but still not like the driver side.

looking forward for your assistant.


Problem seems to cycle - driving along, suddenly the check engine light comes on along with the electronic throttle control warning light, as the temp gauge drops to zero - which triggers the Check Gauges warning light to come on. Drive more, stop a few times, ETC light goes off, temp gauge starts working again. Check engine light stays on for a while, then goes off. Some miles/hours later, cycle repeats. No indication of trouble in engine behavior, sound, etc. Tried replacing gas cap (2x). Dealer replaced thermostat. Still going on. Any ideas?
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