2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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Able to unlock doors but not back lift gate.

I have a problem, about 4 lights keep coming on (engine, tire tract, espBAS, alarm) along with a warning on the information center reading Transmission Over Temperature. My mechanic has ordered some module to correct the problem with the lights, but told me it will not correct the warning of Trans Over Temp. Can someone give a couple of possible things to check, for a possible solution ? Thank You.

Lost the smart key on girlfriends car and wondered how to get around without using it temporarily

I have very little power when i step on the accelerator.

my Jeep has very little power when i step on the accelerator. I was told it is the input speed sensor. What is that and how much will it cost to replace it?

Jeep Grand Cherokee '08 Check Engine light came on. Drove into parking lot and went into store, came out and engine would NOT turn over. Friend cleared 4 codes: PO152, PO300, P1129, PO152 and light went out and engine started. Drove yesterday no problem and no CE light and bought ACTRON PLUS Code Scanner. This morning engine will NOT turn over. My scan only revealed one code regarding ABS which I cleared, however the engine will NOT turn over. Question 1: Is the engine not turning over a safety measure as "limp mode" in other cars? Q 2: Is there something seriously wrong with the car that clearing the codes did not work the second time? I've only had the car one month, from a reputable dealer, and all CarFax reports clean. Also, new to JEEP so not educated on its computer/engine. Please HELP!!!

Does anyone know how to replace the 4 O2 sensors on a GC with a 4.7 and calf. emissions. I can manage to remove them but can get to any of the electrical connectors as they seem to be above the transmission and it is hard to maneuver around the exhaust and drive axles.

Dash said transmission overheat than temp gauge went hot

Every once in a while when I started my Jeep it would start ok, but I would have no power radio, windows, air, nothing! Now it won't start at all. Any ideas?

My issues started when I noticed my vehicle leaking coolant from near the engine, I tried getting it home by filling with water at the gas station and continuing my trip back. it stopped leaking and the resivor and radiator had proper levels but it was still overheating. I assumed my water pump went out and my thermostat closed and was not getting water to the engine. I no longer tried driving it and had it towed back to town. after replacing pump and thermostat the water seems to flow fine but now the jeep starts but wants to die if I do not give it gas. I drove around the block a few times and it died when I let foot off gas during turn. po305 was first read. I swapped all spark plugs and coil pack and fuel injector in piston 5. it wasn't until the fuel injector in 5 was replaced that the code now went to po300 which is random misfires.
what should I try next? been reading everywhere but found all sorts of options. most say TPS? but my parts store says there is no TPS for this model? many other sensors were mentioned and even replacing the computer? not sure where to turn but logic makes me thing the engine got hot enough to fry some sort of electronic.

Just started and took to shop right away

I am not getting any power to my switch at all

This sounds like playing card when put on a bicycle spoke. I've had different people say different things it could be, CV joint or drive shaft. I'm on a fixed income & can't afford to take it to a dealer. Any help I can get is appreciated.

When turning wheel I hear a faint swishy sound, happens when turning wheel right or left.