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want to know how to replace old crs
acked fog lenses
My lights on my dash flash off and on. Radio and AC will cut off and back on. Headlights will stop working then work again. One minute the Laredo is ok. The next the lights flash again. I notice when I hit a small dip in the road. Everything cut out but turn back on. I really hope someone know the solution. Only had this vehicle about two months.
1. After remote start, engine shuts off.

2. error code p0481?
scanned and codes P0676 and P1270. Vehicle needs #6 glow plug and intake manifold swirl runner and possibly a pcm.
Is this a common problem for people? What recourse do we have? My Jeep started every single time before this...
First time this happened I was driving a trailer from PA to TX. I just got into Texas, it was very hot, and the Jeep started bucking violently. Engine light went on. I found a Jeep dealership, they read the codes. I forget which cylinders and injectors came up. 1 guy told me is was serious, another guy was awesome, he said I could safely get home 7 more hours. I let the car cool down, it got me home.

Since then my Jeep has been to 5 repair shops since August 2016 with multiple misfires (bucking), each time a code comes up it is a different set of cylinders/fuel injectors.

What I can do to cause the car to buck.

Hot day
AC on while towing a trailer up a hill

Mis/bucking starts at 60 mph. I can get it to stop by backing off gas. If the engine cools down it will also help. If the AC is off it helps too.

Even the hot day and AC will not always create the problem.

One shop did fuel cleaners, fuel kit, new plugs, new air cleaner, it improved mpg, but did not fix problem.

The car has been in 2 shops for 2 weeks with them trying to replicate the problem.

Anyone out there have similar problem?


Thanks for any help.

It sounds like there is a rock is in the tire but there is not. I feel it in the accelerator. But it is loudest when I am coasting. Any ideas? Drive shaft seems ok.
I recently bought 2007 Jeep.The previous owner was involved in an accident and didn't want to spend money for the repair.So we bought it assume that it was only body repair it needed.We replaced bumper,radiator,headlights and front cradle. Had it test drive for about a week or so and then it began.The truck would not start at all, at first it would not start for a few minutes then a few hours(12-24) now it doesn't start for days(2-4).Makes a click nose like it wants to turn up.The repair shop told us it needed to get alignment done because the code machine flag alignment.So we got it align while all this is going on the ESP/BAS and skid light are on.Then we were told that they thought the clock spring was broken because the steering wheel would lock in place and the truck would not start.So we replaced that.Now we thought we were done and we are told the code machine is giving different codes on passenger side accident was on driver side. Any suggestions on what it can be?or should I take it to the dealership?
The transmission over temp, ABS and the light with the vehicle and slippery road behind it all shows up at the same time. When in park then ready to drive, it doesn't go pass 25 mph, but when driving it will come on and can't go pass 60 mph help!
I have replaced the starter a month ago. When I get out of the Jeep and hit my remote car start the Jeep starts right up. Any idea what could be causing this?
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