2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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when shifting into drive the car would read 3 instead of D then the check engine light would go on. I would shut the car off and put into gear and would go into D the check engine light eventually goes off

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Doesn't happen every time but mostly when I first start going
How long have you had this problem? It did it for a couple weeks and I decided to just park it so I wouldn't worsen the problem any further
the engine seem to want to shift again at 70mph
can't stop hot air coming from vents
I have a engine that is missing badly. No steam from exhaust, no oil in the water but the passenger side head has horrible compression while the driver side registers at 180 psi. per cylinder. Also the passenger side spark plugs are gas soaked. Should I pull the head or check the timing? Previous owner said it showed him codes for camshaft sensor.
Replace or use used parts, how much would it cost
my car has been running hot and has been making this rattling noise and have been smoking
I can hear the liquid dripping when I drive the truck and then park
fluxuate about 250 up and down while idling and driving most of the time, not just when the faults are showing.
Problem is it feels like it's hesitating at speed going up hill. Will not down shift. It will manually or under passing conditions.
The fan won't come on? Does it need a fuse?
My 06 GC with around 110,000 miles, V8 4.7 liter engine runs fine apart from the automatic transmission failure -- won't shift out of 3rd, probably a result of failure to flush transmission regularly and/or keep trans fluid full. What's the range of prices I can expect on a rebuild as opposed to just buying a reman. unit?
driving on toll rd. About 70 mph. I noticed the heat was on very high. Jeep stalls .4 wheel light reads in low. Thought I was out of gas. Got gas. Started jeep and drive. It was locked in 4 wheel low. Jerking wouldn't go over 20-30 mph. Transmission Electronic? This happened Christmas day.

I need to know how many miles I will need to drive for the engine light to go off or does it go off automatically once there replaced or do I need to do something else???
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