2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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This is for a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
When i turn my air or heat on in my car nothing comes out and neither do you hear a fan or motor for it come on and im really trying to get it fixed soon
comes on when stop and approach stop(2) has p0300,(3) p0308 with wet spark plug (4)sound in engine left, lack of power, stumble on acceleration
I drive a Grand Cherokee 2006. I was driving it one day and the light came on. It stays on while driving. There is no noise. It just feels different while driving. I took it to a technician and he said there was a misfire on cylinder#3 and a random misfire. He recommended to change out the spark plugs, clean the gas tank and brake booster with seafoam. I tried all of these methods and the light is still on to this day.
Service light can cause lack of front ac blowing warm a/c blowing warm air 2006 jeep. Grand Cherokee
I no longer see the red flashing light on the front panel and security alarm is not working. Had my jeep in the shop a while back and it hasn't worked since. Is there a fuse that needs to be fixed ? I went by the directions from the manual to re-activate the alarm system but is still not working. Also there is a rattling of metal hitting metal underneath the front . Could that be my carburetor ?
Can I remove my front driveshaft and still drive my jeep? It is all time 4x4
No noise or anything. I am simply trying to get the system to show me a map display, rather than anything else upon starting the vehicle.
is there something i can do to fix it?
when shifting into drive the car would read 3 instead of D then the check engine light would go on. I would shut the car off and put into gear and would go into D the check engine light eventually goes off

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Doesn't happen every time but mostly when I first start going
How long have you had this problem? It did it for a couple weeks and I decided to just park it so I wouldn't worsen the problem any further
the engine seem to want to shift again at 70mph
can't stop hot air coming from vents
I have a engine that is missing badly. No steam from exhaust, no oil in the water but the passenger side head has horrible compression while the driver side registers at 180 psi. per cylinder. Also the passenger side spark plugs are gas soaked. Should I pull the head or check the timing? Previous owner said it showed him codes for camshaft sensor.
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