2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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When I try to crank it rpms gauge move new fuel pump new plugs ,battery,alternator and map sensor when does run rpms surge up and down .
when the engine starts say about 1minute a sound as if the plastic guide of the timing chain is broken starts. we have checked the chain from the top cylinder cover, it seems tight enough.
while the engine is on slow running, the engine oil sign blinks on the dash board with attendance sound of grang
happens periodically
Everything operates and functions correctly except for remote entry. Performed auto scan,no faults in any module
Jeep no longer blows air, i feel.that it still gets hot or cold but i no longer get any air. Im not sure if its the acuator or the fan. Turning fan knob does nothing. Repair is quoted over $1000 because they say behind dash. I can reach the driver side and passenger side actuator, as well as the fan..I am just really novice, and not sure which to try and fix
Backfiring, replaced plugs and tune up can't afford garage, help
I actually wish to find a way to read that mileage on the electronic dashboard
Will a single cd player work in an 05 Cherokee that had a 6 cd player?
I removed the cluster but I don't see any bulbs and I'm not sure how to remove the indicators without damaging them.
Had car 3 weeks not had a Cherokee before just wanted to know if the cruise control lights come on at night so I can see them
was getting codes p0700 p0731 p0732 p0733 p0734 and p0841 i changed transmission filters which the bigger filter had hole in the side of it was told that's why i was getting codes.and checked computers plugs now getting codes p0700 and p0733 any ideas..? Thank you
Jeep will over rev before shifting and has low gas mileage
I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it has 152,000 miles. Recently the check engine light came on and started blinking so I haven't drove it anymore. It threw a code for a misfire on cylinder 2, it's leaking oil from under the engine, there is white smoke from exhaust only at startup after it warms up there's no smoke from the exhaust and it doesnt over heat. I am thinking it's probably the head gasket but didn't know if it could be something else?
I was test driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee Sports 2005 and it swerved to the right at 55m/hr and also vibrated too. The car has very wide tires and is 180K and wonder what could be the issue before I throw my money away of $2500. I checked the car history but shows minimum accidents, not savaged, and no major accidents except the recall. Theres some rattling noise from the air conditioner.Please help Pals!
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