2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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Does it need to be repair at a shop or can I do it?

I just got the vehicle today. I do remember being inside of it and playing with the key fob while inside of it but not while it was in the ignition. Very shortly after, I tried to crank it up and it would not turn over, the radio all of the power and the lights would work fine. I'm convinced that it is an alarm or security system issue or simplistic being as I didn't have any problems with the vehicle 2 minutes prior to being inside of it and fidgeting with the key fob. I've recharged the battery, tried to jump the vehicle off, even tried some tricks I found on the internet to reset the system myself which they all failed. Please help!!! Also I failed to mention there is a little red flaighing light on the dash that I haven't noticed all day. It comes on when you try to turn the key over and crank it up.

rpm and speedometer plus headlight flick on and off and other gauges comeon and off ..rpm and speed rev up and down

O have no working wireless remote to my car until the one I order arrives. But Ive been having a issue with when I unlocked the doors of the truck after locking it the horn and singnals start to light and the horn blows. What could be wrong? Also my 6 changer cd player keeps flashing eryor and wont allow the disk to eject or play now.

I have removed it from the differential but the axle runs through the strut or shock mount - plz help soon lol

A few lights are on. I have had it to the mechanic about 5 times with no answers and money wasted.

The ABS stands out to me. This light is currently on, as well as the oil light.

While driving, and only after pressing breaks will the car literally stop moving in the middle of the road. I can hear the car accelerating when I press the gas pedal, but stalls. I have to restart vehicle and it works fine for another half of a mile.

What could possibly be the issue.

-Frustrated female.

its like it isn't getting any gas

Make: Jeep

Model: Grand Cherokee

Engine: 3.7

Year: 2005

Error codes: B223D

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.

Radiator replaced last week due to crack causing a serious leak. Now AC blowing not as cold. More lightly cool, defiantly not cold. Also doesn't seem to be blowing too hard on high either. Drove for 30 minutes, no change. Should I go back to repair shop and question if they even inspected the AC system? Could something they have done caused this issue? 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 3.7

Then kicks back in gear .and a loud ticking noise when I turn on the heater

This is the second time in two weeks it's appeared. Just had my transmission fluid flushed and replaced last week.

Im meaning in yrs type