2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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The battery is good, the alternator is new, but the car dies while running. When I jump start it, it dies. The gauges bounce when the key is out. The battery gauge moves up and down while running.
While heading to work going around 70mph check engine light came on flashing then stayed on, transmission relined and running around 75 mph when finally shifted over. Was not flooring gas pedal when happened just driving normal.
The drivers side window is the only working power window. Cannot unlock doors with either key fob or interior switch. All except drivers windows do not open. Any clues greatly appreciated. J
My 2004 4.0 grand cherokee limited keyless remote does not unlock doors. Also unlock on drivers door only unlocks drivers door. Only the drivers power window opens.
So my reverse lights have decided to work when they want to, which is maybe 1 time a month if that... also my passenger brake light keeps going out. I replace the bulb and within 24 hours it doesn't work. Fuses all look good. Please help!! I'm at my whits end with this truck!!
Also uses a lot of gas 13 miles to gal
Any suggestion for what might be causing problem ?
This happens before I get in.
sometimes at takeoff, other times while driving down road, loss power on incline, when u let off gas pedal , then slowly reapply gently bout a minute later it takes gas & goes on.replaced tps, cleaned throttle body, cleaned fuel rail, air filter, crank shaft sensor, seemed better , now 2 mths later starting again.
My '04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagoneer has 104K miles and I seldom drive since I've retired (3-5000 miles per yr). When weather turns cold, the front end slightly creaks like metal on metal when I hit a pothole or rough patch. Also the steering wheel squeals slightly when turned all the way. Suggestions on front shocks/struts and remedies for both symptoms appreciated. Also what is a respectable price range for these two repairs? Thanks, Mick
So every time I press on the accelerating peddle there is a knocking noise that is loud and the car starts to stall and turn off
The fan is not coming on as the engine gets hot. I have replaced the thermostat, the radiator cap, flushed the radiator, and both relays are good. What else could be causing the fan to not come on. The fan spins by hand.
Original radiator has no hook up for transmission cooler lines, all replacement radiators have them. Checked all part stores and they all call for the same replacement part with the ports for tranny lines, how do i remedy this problem?
Headlights and inside car lights do not come on either
battery and cleaned the terminals and still nothing, it did start in neutral one time for me, I have no headlight and no inside car lights . I can hear a faint ticking noise in the glove box. What can it be? Please help?
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