2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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Took battery out and when went back in the key light blinks and it turns over then shuts off.
No strange noise, have temp control but change where the air blows
Cardigans shimmering violently and any miles over 30 miles per hour they told me the crankcase was bad on it but somebody told me I could disconnect the computer from it
It's been 4 days now that my Jeep won't start. I bought it last month and it ran great but sometimes it wouldn't start right away and I had to turn key quickly a few times and it would turn over and start. Now it doesn't start at all when I insert key and try to start it all I hear is a clicking sound and all Fuses are good
there is no code appearing on the dashboard. It started to happen 3 weeks ago. Car mileage is 152,000. I did some shop works. Replaced alternator and belt; did engine tune up; fuel hose and tank clean up. still it is happening.
Car RPM goes down to "0' while driving then goes back up. Sometime is cut off and take a few seconds to turn back on.
Im looking into buying a 2000-2005 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7L V8 (I like those years body styles). I have two 12' pioneer champion series 1400W subwoofers and I'm planning on getting two more alpine type r12's as well. (That's around 9,000 watts) Obviously I need another battery for that, but for this build I want to lift it and get metal bumper with winch and 4 lightbars with 4 LED pods.(12,000 pound winch) (54' lightbar over windshield and 3 20" lightbars. Two on roof facing to the sides, and one 20' lightbar facing trunk/rear. Then have pods in front bumper. I was hoping I could leave stock battery alone and add one for my soundsystem and another for my LED's and winch. I would need another alternator. Would one 140+ amp alternator be ok to hook up for LED's, soundsyystem, and winch? This is my overkill dream build, I'm just wondering on your thoughts, comments, and if this it even possible....Thank you!
Every time I try to use the heater
Need to know which Dana model is in it so I can order the proper clutch pack for the rear diff.
my defroster will not blow cold when using air for inside car
front hood is stuck will not open
My jeep just stop working, I check a few things and find out there was no gas pressure, replaced the fuel pump, filter, and relay but still won't start I also put a new crack sensor and nothing happens I don't get power to the pump.
I bypass the relay and put direct current to the pump but the engine won't start.
Can somebody please help me.
My reverse lights never come on when im backing up, what fuse is used for the reverse lights? And if thats not it what could it be?
getting ODB codes p0455 & p0442
had an o with the ceiling know it is bad
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