2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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It had 181,000 miles on it when it went out. After it was rebuilt, it just started not going into any of the gears. It now has only 186,000 miles on it. What could be wrong with it? It has fluid in it.
Just before it up and shuts off it surges a little bit.. I have replaced the cam sensor, I've got a new fuel filter but now I'm being told it could be the governor pressure sensor offset.. All i i know is that its pissing me off...
I think the 4 wheel drive is sucking up alot of trany fluid and i was wondering how do you shut it off
I believe the gas gage is also not. Working. I parked it with 1/2 tank. Now it's got the light on, put an addtl 7 gals in, no register, no start.
Fuel pump is New all lines are good
I've replased the fuel filter and its still happening. It's only when I turn right and step on the accelerator, after a couple seconds it goes back to the rpms its supposed to.
i purchase a 2002 jeep grand cherokee, it did not come with a key fob or original key. So when i go to unlock the door with the after market key that i have, the horn will honk until i get in and start the Jeep. My question is, can i get a key fob and key from a local junk yard and have it reprogramed to work on my jeep?
How much should a transfer case cost?? I believe, I payed too much. I payed $600 for the part and $300 for the labor for a, total of $900.
I think it's over heating, IDK.
I replaced the starter, solenoid and the relay. I turn the key and nothing. The battery is good but it acts as if it's a dead battery. Everything works and has plenty of power. It just won't start
Saw a video on you tube of blend doors behind glove box, do those same doors direct heat to floor?
And starts whistling again when I's not real loud, but very irritating.
The turn signals sometimes work sometimes they do they could be on and then shuts right off the flashers work though
I replaced the battery and I still have starting problems / starts when jumped
but won't start afterwards / cleaned neg battery cable but no luck / can you help?
This has been happening fort a few weeks
What can I do to find out the solution an source of problems
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