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what do i do if i change the blend door on my jeep grand cherokee 2001 but i still get a/c only on my driver side?
my passenger side gets both
Mi jeep grand cherokee 2001 se apago corriendo y se prendio la luz del check gages y ya no prendio mas
How long have you had this problem? A few monts
My 2002 jeep grand cherokee doesn't want to go over 50mph,when I'm on the expressway,it struggling
I'm looking for a jeep grand Cherokee AC control box, I have started to purchase the one on a site but the unit has a slightly different part number mine is 12201559AE the newer one ends in AC but with same number can you advise please?
I have replaced map & cam sensors as well as the oil sending unit but it's still doing the same thing
replaced map & cam sensors,& oil sending unit
i have cool air coming out the dash for defrost, but very little thru the vents in the dash and on the feet
What could the problem be?
My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee runs great. But when the outside temp is 65-70 degrees and driving at 55mph or greater and hit a small bump like a seem in the pavement or a pothole, etc... it will hesitate sputter for a few seconds. I have tried a tune-up, shocks, sway bar, steering damper, ABS, brake pads, brake calipers, throttle sensor. No luck so far.
engine was running fine, shut it off for few minutes when i restarted it #2 cyl was dead. also affects #1 but compression is good there
The lever moves, but will not release the steering wheel to lower down. Its aiming right at my face!!
It won't start I'm getting a code ASD relay to the PCM power no power how do I reset it
for some reason my brake lights and tail lights aren't working on my Grand Jeep Cherokee. at first when they wasn't working I tried the foil trick and then they started working. then they went out again so I checked the fuse which was a 15amp and it was blown. so I replaced it and it blew again. so I went up to a 20amp and it blew that one also. so then I went up to a 25 and then it worked for a couple days then they blew out that fuse. now its not holding any fuse. anytime I put any type of fuse in there and press on the brake I can hear the fuse pop. I really do need help if someone out there knows abou these type of problems. I have a daughter and I'm scared to drive my truck because I'm afraid of getting into a car accident. but my daughter has health issues that requires her to be at the doctor frequently. can anyone help me please with my grand jeep Cherokee 2001? me and my family would really appreciate it. thank you!!!!
The car takes three times to start it then it start then stunble
smoking after driving for 5 minites
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