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This past summer I purchased a 2000 Jeep Gr Cherokee Laredo with 89,000 miles. As the temperatures got colder I noticed the heater was blowing luke warm air at best. The coolant was a bit low so we added some. Still luke warm. Replaced the thermostat. Still luke warm. Finally took it in to a mechanic and he replaced the water pump and flushed it twice. He said it may need another flush to completely restore heat. It was blowing hot when we left, but has since gone back to being luke warm. The guage reads around 210 on the dash. The hoses feel fine. Could it be that it needs another flush or is it more like to be something else? I hate to spend the money to do that again with no results.
My husband just bought me a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo will start the fuel pump kicks on then it just dies there is a key with a line thru it
recently battery went dead,when I put on the heater the dashboard don't dim ,only when iput on car headlights,
I replaced the rear light housing and bulbs but didn't help, I don't know what else to try, can you help me? Driver door will not lock with key fob or by using lock button inside vehicle, must use key to lock and unlock, passenger door makes a loud popping sound at door stops, also want to replace aftermarket radio with original factory radio - cd-cassette-infinity sound system, if i replace with factory radio am I required to get the dealer to reset radio alarm? SEAT BELTS DO NOT RETRACT VIN 1J4GW58N9YC354291
Leaking above transmission. Not pan or gasket. 2000 Jeep Gran Cherokee. 42RE tranny.
I have issues with my coolant disappearing very quickly. I have had to refill a whole gallon of coolant within a week. There are no traces of coolant leakage on the pavement or under the car. However, I have had ongoing issues with vapor coming out of the vents whether the AC is turned on or off with an awful chemical smell. (I drive with the windows down). The mechanics I bring this issue up to don't seem to believe anything I have to say and just keep fixing other things that may solve the issue. I am in desperate need of a real solution. I have had to resort to rebuilding an engine too. And get this: now my car shows signs that my oil pressure is low when I am stopped and returns to about 40 when I accelerate. All these repairs with the same coolant issue... Disappearing coolant with no trace of where it has gone. And please don't say "get a new car" in response I would like to hear some good advice please. :) Thank you and have a good day! If you have more questions, I will gladly answer to help with diagnosis.
Just had another rear axle installed, so now I've noticed dripping at the fittings on both sides and the ABS light is on.
My engine has locked up out of the blue. It didndt over heat nor did the oil pressure indicator change. I smelled burning, and noticed that the belt was melting and was coming apart some. I haven't driven it since. I also noticed that I lost my cold air from ac at the same time. Has my motor gone out, or could it be related to the ac.
Car occasionally stalls when at low idol. Seems to happen the most when slowing to make a turn into a driveway or stopping for a stop sign. Anyone have any ideas, repair shop could not make it happen. TY
Thinking the catalytic converter is stopped up.
i put a new battery,checked the alternater,n put in a new computer....the asd is clicking like world war 3
I've changed steering column and I was told by lock Smith that the key and skim in the column I installed doesn't match my computer so it can't be reprogrammed I've already spent a lot so wats easiest way to fix problem?
Collal pack tune up
Could the new resistor be faulty and have caused this ?
The vehicle will go in drive but, when it is put in reverse it won't move. just happened this morning. Could it be that the transmission is about to give up?
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