1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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replaced power boost and brake lights stay on
I can't get the key our of the ignition. It was fine one minute then all of a sudden, I put the jeep in park and the key won't come out. It won't turn to the "off" position in the ignition. This usually only happens when the vehicle isn't in "park". My son even crawled under the Jeep to watch the linkage as I shifted. It is in :park:. It has 205,000 miles. What is wrong?
ongoing problem with backup lights...have to be fixed over and over again...keep going out...any suggestions?
i have been working and researching on this jeep for almost a week. it is a 1999 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7 v8. drive down the road get about 35 mph and it acts like it is starving for fuel. it will bog way down the more you step on the gas. get below the 35 and it runs just fine. replaced the crank sensor cause that's the first thing that i ran across on the research. what could be the problem?
1999 jeep grand cherokee transfer case rear main seal removal
I need front diff work...pinion gear any estimates?
When my headlights are on, the front passenger side headlight is on but its very dim. The headlight on the driver's side is normal. On the tailight on the passenger side the turn signal light stays on permanently when the headlights are switched on but it is dim. And on the overhead message center in the vehicle (where is says the temperature and compass etc.) is beeps all the time and says "turn signal on". But when i actually turn on the right turn signal it blinks on and off at the normal brightness. I understand this is most likely a wiring issue but I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this before and exactly what it was and perhaps the cost of the repair.
yesterday went to start the jeep with the auto starter.It started up normally. It suddenly made a loud noise that sounded close to a backfire.Then the car stopped and didn't start up.Tried again and it started.Then smelled a burning smell like fire.I left the car and saw a white smoke 10 minutes after at the windsheild. Smelled the burning until we turned the heat off. Then the jeep ran normally until the check engine light came on two hours later with an error code P1294. any idea what's wrong?Their no no high levels on the meters and unless I put the heater on no burning smell.
Accelerating while in gear feels very sticky and uneven.I replaced detent cable and no luck.Vehicle accelerates fine in nuetral and park,but feels like something is dragging or hanging up when in gear?
we recently had new seals installed in the rear axel along with all new rear bushings.Oddly the front end now wobbels loudly.Upon applying the brakes the wobble stops.It seems to be opposite of the normal complaints.We also installed 4 new and balanced tires.Wobble begins as soon as the vehicle moves and progresses in speed with the vehicles speed.
The heater is blowing hot/warm air thru driver-side vents, and blowing cold air thru passenger-side vents. Olease advise me of what the problem is. Thanks
where is the location ofa flasher-hazardwarninglightingcontrolmodule N OTHING COME ON BUT HEADLIGHT
My sons share this jeep in Manhattan where they attend college. It started making a loud thumping noise and we had it towed to the dealership. The diagnostic is:
1) Overhaul rear axle (found metal shavings in rear axle)
2) Replace transfer Case (they found internal damage to the transfer case)
3) Replace the left rear axle seal

Those are the major problems (1 & 2 especially) and we are looking for a way to repair this jeep without spending a small fortune. Thanks for any ideas. Mileage is around 145,000.
Differential Seal Replacement
When I put my Jeep in reverse I hear a huge thump. What is the problem?
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