1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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Replaced it but died twice
I have changed all the pistons and forgot to number the rod and caps. I got to the 5th cly and it moved free by hand I put the last cyl in and it will not move by hand what could be wrong?
After engine starts it go OFF and back ON
The EL pnel has a blue/black molded into it Ther is current up to the connector
It is a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited v8. I have heat and air, but you can not hardly feel the air. you can feel the air if you put your hand about 6/8 inches from ALL vents. If your luck you can feel it on your chin. The dash has been out 2 times replaced the acuators the mechanic said nothing is blocking the flow but IT SOUNDS LIKE A VACUME SWEEPER THAT HAS SOMETHING BLOCKED IN THE HOSE and blows very litte air on high and if you put mid way for the blower you can not feel any air...does anyone know who I can get to fix this my mechanic gave up he said I have to deal with it that nothing is wrong, but when I first bought this car in 2005 the air was great, so I know it will work if only I can find the right person highly trained in my area which is Masontown pa. Any help would be greatly appriciated....Thanks in advance....
there are times my gauges on the jeep that do not work and all the lights are on, heater and a/c does not work, sometimes the light of the not the right key turns on and now the alarm control does not want to unlock or lock my doors and the jeep starts but does not stay on. I took in when the check engine light was on and all it said was a miss communication error. Please I would to fix the problem. TYhanks
I changed the TPS, Mac Sensor and oxigen sensor and the car continues whit the same problem.
I replaced the tre's the steering box, and the sway bar with no luck, i really need to find something to fix this as I am running out of money, slowly replacing the entire front end. Is there any way to know id the bearings or ball joints are bad without taking the front end apart?
cycle a cettian amount of times first.
when i speed up in comes out the defrost when i slow it comes either out the vents or at the bottom never the same when it comes out the vents its cold please help
when I get the shimmy it is felt in the steering but I have had the tires checked and balanced but I still get it slightly. I also feel a vibration when I brake at highway speeds. I think it may all be related has anyone had any experience with this? The Jeep has 93,000 miles and I would like to sell it or trade for a pickup but I don't want to if it's unsafe.
it will start every time but the guages dont work either
rear noise coming when i accelerated, said had to rebuild differential, charged 1500 is that correct.
I go through a bit of both relatively often, but like I said, no smell at all, no observable leaks anywhere.
..can i still have recall work done for free from recalls from years ago?
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