1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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I would like to know if the 4.0L Jeep Grand Cherokee changed or developed their tune up kit, I was told that 4.0 Jeep Grand Cherokee no longer have distributor cap anymore and it has the coil packs instead since 1994. Please advise.

I took it to advance because check engine light came on. It said all for wheel speed sensor and g switch.

The check engine light stays on due to the gov pressure sensor continuously blowing out on the transmission. The first gear is not creating enough pressure., but the vehicle runs great.

the air only comes out on low. how do i find the problem and find the fix???

Can Reset Code And May Not Do It Again For A Week.

It blows cold but as you accelerate on hwy etc. It changes ftom front vents to defrost vents back an forth a when increasing speed . The temp also slightly changes to less cooler .when set on cruise and left at steady rpm / mile per hour consistsncy it seems to even out and resume normal status . But that isn't often and in town driving ever the case. Whst causes this just becsuse more horse pwr. I'd used thst it swiches on som msny levels?

When driving down the road and it shifts gears the back end sways to the left.. It also takes a while to shift gears.

when i accelerate the mileage disappears and the brake and abs lights come on..when i brake the AIR BAG light comes on and dings really loud.. the radio was still working saying it was playing a song on the 10 disc cd changer but i cranked the volume n still i heard nothing so its working but not working!? obviously some electrical issues but not sure if its due to some idiot putting in the aftermarket cd player and had no idea what he was doing n fucked up some wiring or what..anyone else? or anyone know why?

Will a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee loradeo windshield be the same size as a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee windshield?

The dashboard will work for about a minute and then stop work and I have tried testing the battery and its not that. Any help please???

Pulled everything off to get to and replace my timing chain guide. After putting everything back together I noticed my engine sounding like it's in some sort of bind and after running for about 30 seconds a strange smelling smoke starts coming from what seems to be the back of the engine near the firewall. Could I have done something to disrupt the crankshaft or the timing while tightening the harmonic balancer?