1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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jeep will not start,it turns over very good.replaced fuel pump and coil pack,still not starting
Brown sticky substance in the main computer plugs
Hello! Good afternoon. My Serpentine belt broke a few days ago, the wheel locked up and i managed to pull it over. The jeep would turn on and off perfectly fine, just had a very tight steering wheel. Towed to shop they replaced the belt and said there was an issue with a pulley- didnt expalin much more and I was too busy to get into detail. Since the repair the jeep had a weird clanking metal sound when starting, but would still start and run to work that day and back. Next morning jeep won't start at all. Car shop is closed over the weekend. I am wondering if when the serpentine belt broke it messed with something else. And if so if theres anythign at all I can do, already spent a couple hundred replacing the serpentine belt at the shop.
They have the same motor
I've taken 5 small tests and they read towel rack catalyst converter not complete what should I do?
my fuel pump was bad, replaced it, lasted 2 weeks then did the same thing again. then when trying to styart it was spitting out codes, so then I replaced the the main computor, two diff. sensors, new spark plugs. still wont start!
The hissing stops when I press the brakes and resumes once I let off the brakes. Why is that?
from a cold start car will run fine.After it gets to 210 degrees and I shut it off, go into store for about 20 minutes, I start it up and within 5 min it starts loosing power under load. Put it in neutral and she revs up with no miss. Put back in gear and she sputters unless I floor it and power will be normal for a little bit. no codes come up
a rebuilt tranny was put in my jeep now it wont move
runs worse or just a bad. Has a bad miss. Compression on cylinder ok. driving me nuts.
The nut that holds the rotor inplace
I have had it put on a tester. It read that it needed a map sinser, and both oxy. Sinsers's.The Jeep is loud motor wise. Kinda sounds like its working two or three times harder then it should be. Im sure getting the above items fixed will most surely help but is there anything else it could be?!?
Steering wheel casing has a sticky glue like substance all over the steering wheel
How to Disable Anti Theft System on a 99 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

started smelling about an hour after 100 mile trip, coming from back , strongest around both wheel wells. Lowered tank about 1" and noticed fuel lines can't confirm that is where it is coming from. Fill tubes seam fine, but is hard to fill lately, must add slow.rear quick fit ends to sender were rusted, bad. but can't confirm leak there. I live 20 miles from town and is my only car so I must have at least 3 fixes per possibility or I'm stuck. Thank you & GOD BLESS

It is my only car, when I drop the tank I must know all possibilities cause I live 20 miles to town. Thanks
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