1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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mostly when turning right

in front of driver . Alarm ? New owner .

I've changed about everything I can think of even computer. It will stall at anytime without warning. Seems as if the fuel pump is shut off. Sometimes will fire up immediately, other times may take an hour. But it will start as if nothing was wrong. Very dangerous in traffic. Need help.

few days ago my check engine light came on i put the code reader to it. it gave me po 304. from what i have read it has a mis fire. it has new timing belt distributer cap and wires and plugs. where do i go from here?

runs fine on fresh battery and full tank of gas.gas gets low,wont idle and runs rough for a min or two.sometimes if I shut it off and restart it runs better

for couple of days didn't want to start right up, then it died while driving turning a corner and after sitting 30 min finally fired up ,but while trying to start it there was strong smell of gas coming from tail pipe. A day later it wouldn't fire over at all "crank no start" now after messing with it spraying wd40 while cranking it over it starts"ruff" but then keeps clean steady idol. Also have some interior electrical issues when turning my steering column clicking under dash with blinking lights, could electrical have anything to do with my "crank no start"?

That jeep cranks over but won't start

Jeep squeals upon start up. I replaced the belt twice , replaced the idler pulley and the tensioner and pulley, it still squeals at start up and continues to squeal until engine is warm

Will it blow the fuse & act like a dead battery?

Recently got a notification from the Jeep's computer telling me that the coolant level is low. Went to the store, bought coolant, topped it off to the fill line, drove home and the very next day, got the same notification and the level had dropped to where it was before I topped the reservoir off. I noticed some fluid below the Jeep after i filled it the third time. After filling it for the 4th time, noticed the drops coming from somewhere in the engine bay, but couldn't see where the fluid was coming from. If anyone knows where the leak is coming from or knows any reputable independent mechanics, that'd be great

I had my front lower control arms replaced. They did not mark the bolts, new bolts in wrong direction and impacted on. Can I undo it all, using the same parts and redo it? Will my bolts torque correctly since they have been tightened to the max? Is it true once these bolts have been torqued before they cannot be torqued again? How will I ever get them lined back up like they should be?