1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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I had a code reading that the governor pressure sensor was bad so I changed it and also did a filter and fluid change but now it won't shift out of 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd and it does this all the time now
It's a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo. I just replaced the heater core and I'm thinking maybe I've messed up the linkage or something because now the shifter won't go into park.
The switch that controls direction of heat doesn't work. Only blows out front vents . Windshield fogs up on inside. Can drive for an hour on defrost & is fine. When sitting at idle, will blow cold and fog up. What needs to be replaced?
under the hood and from the Muffler

My front doors the power locks only work some times. I can hear the moter engage but they dont always move. Using the key works fine.
I crossed a road that was a bit deeper then expected. Soon after my car cut out. It cranks but I have no gages on the dash not even the amp gage and I know it has battery because it still cranks. I removed the coil wire and it is getting no spark from the coil
The gl;ass still unlocks and will open but the rest of the trunk doesnt
The factory alarm should turn off when you unlock all the doors by hand but it does not
Can I see an engine diagram of a 5.2 liter jeep grand Cherokee laredo v8
you cant hear it but the feeling is similar to bad bearings
I'm somewhat of a newbie to all of this, so any suggestions would be helpful. I have 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 5.2l with 4" lift kit. I drove about 25 miles to some mountains this weekend. No funny noises on the way there, no funny sounds while on the bumpy mountain road..maybe on the way back but I wasn't paying attention. This morning as I was driving, I heard squealing (like a pig getting porked) that seemed to come from somewhere in the middle of the vehicle. It only happens when I drive. Once I stop moving and am in idle, the sound goes away. Also when I turn to the left, it seems to go away briefly. While going up the mountain road I did get an overtemp warning for the trans, but I stopped immediately and let it cool for a while (50F outside). Didn't have any issues or sounds for the rest of the day as far as I could tell. But now I have this squealing and can't pin it down. I had to take the freeway home, but as I increased speed, the sound seemed to lessen a bit. Any and all suggestion would be helpful, but I'm 110% positive that that sound is not the belts (recently replaced and properly tensioned).
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