1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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screen does not light up at all.
I’ve owned 2 grand Cherokee and with each one the lower ball joints fail yearly
The idol is going up and down. And the pressure is too. It starts up after its been running awhile. What is my issue?
Checked wire from seat to fuse block no damage no power
There is Power red an lite blue wire from plug at fuse block at front of panel. No power at plug in middle of panel with red an lite blue plug .fuse in 16 ok but no cb
My jeep has a bad coolant sensor, and two days ago the check engine light turned on within an hour it turned back off and then today my car died and won’t turn on.
Every time I start it it pops and dies if u touch the gas at all
how to fix a jeep grand Cherokee when I start it up it starts to smoke from under the hood and from the muffler real bad
Just wanting to know what the code 12 and 15 mean and what they pertain too on my Jeep... and how they can be reset. and how to reset them.......Thank You
I checked fuses grounds and circuit board on cluster everything looked fine
junped car battery takes a charge.will not idle
overheating temp gage stays at 210
My ceiling was wet as well , but today just the floors in the front were wet after it rained. Where would this be coming from?
I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V-8, and when you put it into R,
it seems like it does not have enough power to go. and if I shift it down to N,
it drive normally like D
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