1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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it happens like every other day or when im driving it for less then a hour could it be the filter is cloged ?
after putting in gear the front drive shaft turns but the jeep is setting still and will not move
It takes about 15 min to start jeep I get in turn key security light comes on I hear relays click Nd a few min later I hear fuel click the after 10 min fuel pump kicks in and I can start jeep what do ya think pcm pump is new new relays were else should I look
now it wont shift out of first at all when it was shifting it shifted through the restof the gears fine whats wrong do i need a new transmission
I took my car to a mechanic earlier this week and he told me my 4 wheel drive was going out and i shouldnt worry about fixing it if I'm just going to sell the car. Ive had other people tell me it's something else. This happens when I've been driving it for about ten minutes and the engine is warmed up. If i make a turn into a parking spot or narrow driveway and have to turn somewhat sharp the tires skid and it makes an awful sound kind of like a popping sound that seems as though its coming from behind the tires. Does anyone know what this could be and what i should do about it?
Just recently whenever I accelerate my truck makes a whirring noise mostly on the driver's side. Also when I decelerate it gets louder any idea what it could be?
If the outside temperature hits 85+, it overheats, if forced to run under 35-40 mph. Idling in traffic causes it to get up near 250 degrees, and when I stop, the overflow reservoir is boiling over. On cooler days it runs 185-210 degrees. On warm days, it runs at 210-235 degrees, even at 35-45 mph. At highway speeds it runs near 200 degrees, on hot days, but quickly goes back up above 235, if forced to slow or idle. I've improved on stock fan, tried "Water Wetter", haven't gone to a Flow-kooler water pump, yet but am perplexed about how the car's operating temperature can be so dramatically affected by the ambient temperature. I've never had a car be so affected by warm weather. I've talked to a few people who said this model has a history of running hot. Is this true? Is there an effective fix, out there? Thank you
while driving 95 cherokee shut off for a split second or maybe 20 seconds then comes back on sometimes when you first start it the engine runs ruff as hell, checked codes got only a 55 code.
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