1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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My jeep runs good but stalls when I stop and starts right back up and runs great while driving
could the timming be off to cause the coil to go out every month or so? can someone please tell me smtng im just trying to help my lil cousin out he has no idea and is not mechanicly inclined!!!
brand new coils go out every month we have replaced 3 of them and just gave up. was wondering if the computer have anything to do with it.
I have a 1994 JGC where the blower motor does not chnage speed with the automatic temperature control; the flow paths change properly with the ATC; the blower runs with the ATC off and also when the ignition is off. I have pulled the blower fuse to stop it from ruinning. Is the BPCM located in the blower housing next to the motor? I have pulled the two connectors off and the blower will not run with the ignition on. Is this the cause? I have read that the harness could be an issue also. Thanks for the help.
the upper door hinge on the diverside crack in half how do I repair it or what is the cost to have it done
I accidently drilled a hole in the top of my gas tank. can I plug it?
back gate wont open when i unlock it?
Hi my 94 jeep grand cherokee sometimes when i put it in drive it wont shift into all the gears i check the tranny fluid, it was three quarts low but it still doesnt shift properly, and when im park on a hill it rolls real slow in park, what could it be?
When: everytime it's running. where : gurging behind the glove box.
changed out tie rods.motormounts,shockabsorber,brakes, hub,rims, had alignment and balancing, changed knuckle and the knuckle keeps on stripping where the screws hold on the calipers. what is really going on?
car heats up quick and runs slightly hotter than usual but doesnt produce heat, when heater is turned on, blows COLD
Just started happening. Cold starts ok and runs as long as you give a little gas. If you remove foot from peddal it will die. If I let it warm up, it will idle ok. Throttle body is clean.
Need to junk this car and to get 50 bucks worth of gas out of it. They tell me there is a safety valve and you cannot siphon gas out of it. Is there a way to break this and if not can you give me details on how to get it out of the tank from underneath--I am a woman, so explain in detail, thanks in advance.
Need to know what is the correct gear oil for the rear axle housing
This happens after I have been driving it long enough for the engine to get warm, or if I turn the engine off and re-start before it totally cools off. The RPMs dive from around 1100 to 0, then "check engine" light comes on, then it stalls. Any ideas?
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