1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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How much will it cost to get my dip stick out? The top brokr off thet gave me a price of 350 that seems crazy high too me. Any idea
there is also a clicking noise that is kind of muffled when the tire rotates on the drivers side..just started after changing out the knuckle rotors calipers and master cylinder. I also changed the steering box,pump and tie rod ends. Note does not shake anymore since changing the master cylinder.
I have a code reader car md and it says I have a plug in my book to plug it in but it is not where it says it is
This does not happen in cold weather; only when hot and humid outside.Usually starts right back up again but not always.Fuel pump, MAF sensor replaced already; no difference. Thanks for any suggestions.
sqeaks at times when backing up
both front windows quit working at the same time. checked fuses didnt see a problem there? what could cause this?
I recently a yr ago or so rebuilt my front end (it wobbled) so I relaced tie rods.steering box,passenger knuckle. passenger axel. passenger hub, front breaks and motor mounts....Its doing it again and all my seals are leaking what the f?????
I know I have to get the serpentine belt off, any thing else?
i have a bolt that i thought came out of the pulley but it wont thread into hole on motor. it slides completly into block and doesnt thread.
when changing rotor button &cap do you need to remove intake, or is. there a. trick to it?
dont know if it prys out or if there is somthing to relase it?
Fixing this for a friend. no a/c. blower motor doesn't turn at all. the blower motor is good, there is power going to it. what else should, or can, I check to try to fix this? The controls on the dash light up like the system is on. i don't think the compressor is kicking on because I dont hear it kick on and there is no variance in the engine idling. any suggestions?
The repair manual does not state where to support the vehicle (The frame or the front axle) when changing the bushings.
Thanks for the help
1994 Jeep GC rear drum brakes grab on damp days and low speeds. All hardware has been replaced including new shoes and drums. The shoes are oriented properly.
Seems to wander more on the bumpy roads than the smooth ones, but it still wanders. What causes this and what should I do about it. Or is it a Jeep Thing???
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