1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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The vehicle would start one day but not the next. When it does start, it has trouble accelerating. Used ether in the intake but it wouldn't stay running. Went back again and it started long enough to get me home. Now it cranks, but won't turn over. Any idea what to troubleshoot first. Fuel pump? (Fuel pump replaced a year ago and thermostat fuel sensor and gas filter as well)
While I am driving the light comes on during which time my brake pedal vibrates and the brakes don't work. When the light goes off the brakes work again.
It's like it's missing but only does this on long trips AFTER turning off and restarting. If we let jeep cool down it starts and runs fine.
No matter what setting I change except lower setting air condition seems to be comeing out at the feet lots of cool and blower. Upper very little comeing out, defrosters side doors comeing out. Charged freon ok noleaks. i set it on low..the lowest setting but it doesnt get very cold.I remmeber when it was work I could hear a flaper open and close when I switched longer makes that nosie.

I don't understand how to disconnect it at the other end with the slide fitting
this happens only when it's cold
1994 jeep grand cherokee p. w. all work from driver door none work from each individual door unless the master lock switch is bad ??? email me please thanks Larry
turns back on after 1 minute the guy i got car from replaced a lug nut and stud on left rear is it possible the abs sensor has dirt or got moved when he remove brake drum
I was driving hit my brakes and it seemed as if had better brakes and then proceeded about a mile and got to 45 mph and a violent shaking then the vehicle statrted overheating with a rubber type smell
I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and my ac is not working have used up all the refrigerant and added dye and determined that the compressor o-rings and compressor to the condenser line are both leaking.
How do I replace these parts
replace.10 months replace pump. with in 20min.squeling,
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