1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee has no overdrive or reverse and idk the cause. Of course transmission issues but what kind exactly?
One mechanic says problem was caused by loss of transmission fluid and replace it ($3300). Another mechanic says pull tranny out, check all, clean, etc and re-install? Big invertment for 23cyr old car. But it still looks and drive like brand new. What should i do?
Have checked wiring, but still no solution found.
Did not disconnect battery.

Removed the fan shroud.

Removed the serpentine belt (I did remove 2 pulleys to alternator and the one to the right and put them back on. Not sure if this would throw anything off?)

Removed old water pump by taking out all bolts (I think there were 7 total), disconnecting rubber hose containing radiator fluid to the left and rubber hose on top of water pump, and metal hose to the right (unsure what this was).

Connected new water pump and reconnected all hoses and bolts.

Put on new serpentine belt.

Put fan shroud back on.

When I went to go crank the engine, ignition cranks, but will engine will not start. I used jumper cables from my other car, but it seems it won't hold and dies really fast.


I did some research online, and saw some people saying that I could have messed up the timing? Is this correct?

Losing power fast, did I mess up something with the alternator?

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Unless I'm giving it a decent amount of gas it is extremely hard to steer (no power steering) I have to be going above about 15-20 MPH. Someone told me my power steering pump might be bad now??? Help
Information flashing alarm 4WD Switch
What and wear is the switch?
is my battery done, ? charging it isnt really doing anything,,clicks starts again turn off engine no power to stero or door locks surity light comes on when running
There is a deep ruble when I start my jeep and a clatter when it runs
Sounds likes interning in the exhaust
Just replaced cat and muffler 3 months ago can't hear anything from the engin bay, only in the cab
Fuse for alternator blew after being replaced 1 wk ago, charged battery on a charger for 4 hours, and now it won't turn over at all
I put bigger tires on my Jeep and since then when I turn the steering wheel the front end clicks a toe bar was installed to correct the problem but it still clicks
At any speed or gear
What could cause this to happen. Is this a common issue. How much would it cost to repair this issue.
Front right/passengerside tire wobbles and boot is ripped on both sides. What is it tie rods, bearings,???
For about 5 weeks now. I've had trouble with my car. In the first three of the five, at least once a week, my car has stopped when I was sitting at a stop light..just stopped, no churn or anything as a warning. It did start immediately, though. Then the last couple of weeks, it has died with some gurgling (the best way I can explain it) in the middle of traffic and I had to turn it over twice to get it started. I have had it at the dealer's twice, the first time for two full days, this time it has been in since yesterday. They could not find a reason for the behavior the first time. Can you give me any suggestions for the cause. I have used only the highest octane since I purchased the vehicle in 1993. Thanks! Ruth
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