1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Questions

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gave my old (but in good shape) 1990 jeep cherokee to my grandson. has been workiing fine until he drove it to school one day. no problem until he tried to start it to come home. got ignition but that's all. car had to be towed home and it's still in the garage. friend diagnosed it as problem with spark control relay. what is that? is it costly to repair?
where is the 4wd switch and how do you service or disconnect
My car has shaking on decelaration, and occasional stalling, sluggish accelaration and I'm told I need an EGR Service and possible replacement. I wanted to know what the cost of this service or repair should be?
I was told I need a new engine I also did not pass emmissions test what can I do to reduce emmissons and manage my engine until I may afford a new one
How much will cost to fix rear differential seal
try starting it acts like flooded it will start for about n10 secs, then die this started after overheating prob, no probs before this happend
how do you disconnect 4 wheel drive switch?
went into the mountains today and my all time four wheel drive failed to work . tried to shift into low range and that lowered the speed but still just rear wheel drive. could it be a relay? or fuse ?
the speedometer and overdrive don't work on my 1993 jeep grandcherokee,5.2 auto.
I swapped my 93 4.0 with a 97 4.0 and apparently the 97 only uses on sensor for the coolant temperture and the gauge where my 93 wiring is for two separate units. Is there a way to adapt the 93 wiring to the 97 single sending unit?
When I put my jeep on the road it does fine, but when I park it and it get cold again it starts the jumping again. Do you know what this could be?
I put a motor in my car and it is now jumping when I crank it up and when I take off it jumps when you give it yo gas. When you get it on the highway it is fine until you get it up to 55 sometimes it will start shaking all over the road! What do I need to fix?
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