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Replaced fuel pump relay and still when you turn on the ignition no fuel pressure then after a couple minutes you hear several very rapid clicks near under hood fuse box then you have fuel pressure and it starts 93 grand Cherokee 4.0
has good fuel pressure injectors not getting power and dash goes hay wire is it the main computer
I turn the ignition off and the driving lights stay on
How long have you had this problem? today
if i'm looking at the wiring harness connector for the fuel pump, which pins would i test at to verify 12 volts to fuel pump. I have removed fuel pump relay and jumpered the relay socket to supply constant 12 volts, but need to verify it is getting all the way to fuel pump.
Drivers door wont shut or passengers door
All others work. I've changed the bulb, fuse, flasher relay, I even changed the wire harness for the tail light assembly and nothing has worked so far...Help...I love my Jeep!
Steven Cole
Vin number *lJ4GZ78Y3PC577664*
Chessy code *IJ4GZ78Y3PC577664*chrysler i tried different computer engine no one start it the old one have the number how do i know what is the perfect computer engine who correspond to this vehicule and what is the serial number to this computer ?? Thnk u
The drivetrain fell out I thought the shaking of the front end was the brake pads in the front and alignment and all this time it's been the drivetrain and you can see it hanging out and the tow truck driver said it was the drivetrain can this be repaired at home
Car acted like the fuel pump went out. Replaced it and still nothing. Jumped the relay and determined there is not power going to the pump replaced checked relay and it works. Clicks like it get power but nothing to pump. Check the ASD relay and that work fine. Checked the PCM and it checked out ok. I'm stuck any help would be appreciated
My jeep just turned off while driving.
I was on the highway doing about 100km an hour and needed to exit by giving it more gas to exit safely and at that split second it stalled. Got it towed home. Something is telling me that this engine does not want to give up as I changed all the plugs and started but only starts when the gas pedal is to the floor. Letting go of the gas will stall it. It smokes and clears. I vacuumed the cylinder and cranked it over without that plug in it to blow any debris out of it on its own so it's clean. Piston moves as it should. I checked the codes ( 55 ) all is good with that. This is my daily driver and never abused. Well taken care of. I do my own work as I enjoy doing it but this is taken way to long to fix or figure out. It threw the dip stick out 10 feet away at one point. It's a straight 6, automatic and with 269000 kms on it. Something is up with this jeep and retiring it over a part that is under 100 bucks is not going to happen but what is it? Any advise given that is not replied to just means it was checked or replaced already. Who can figure this is beyond me.
It does riase during acceleration
What is the problem? How much will it cost to fix? I just spent 356 to replace the water pump.
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