2012 Jeep Compass Questions

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Took to local Jeep dealer, tech says it normal, it's the throttle body calibrating. However, it wasn't making that sound when I purchased it last November.
light is on and engaine light came on and 4 wheel drive light came on no power
be replaced is it a fix i can do or do i need too take it too the shop and if i need too take it too the shop can you tell how much and a good shop in my area..phoenixville.19460
Very dangerous in traffic.
When you step on the gas pedal it hesitates during acceleration. Does it sound like fuel filter needs changes or spark plugs?
also shifter vibrates when in park and step on breaks. I am diy done breaks many times before, first jeep, and first time hearing this sound
also shifter vibrates in park when stepping on breaks. am a bit of diy done breaks before. first jeep, first time heard this noise
When i press the accerelator padel, the fire will not raise. what do i do?
The dreaded little red lightning bolt is coming up in my womans compass and i have heard the etc connector can get dirty and cause some real issues, can you help me locate this connector so i can dielectric grease it up and protect it?
The traction control light will not go off.
The windows are up, no sunroof, so what is the issue? I have already pulled out a gallon of clean water from these areas.
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