2011 Jeep Compass Questions

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navation does not come on.
sometimes it says software not available
After reaching 40 miles per hour, transmission starts jerking. Happens more often once car warms up. Mechanic said it was because of unmatched tires. Ours are same size, just different brands. We don't believe this!
Can it be related to corroded relay or harness?
heater and air works fine
There is no engine light, no codes appear, it just stalls. It started when the vehicle was running the AC, now it does it on any day above 80 degrees. I can put it in neutral and it will restart no problem. BUt if I do not move right away it will stall again.
It used to only do it on hot days while the ac had been running, now it does it without having the ac running.
Blower and fan seem to be fine at all speeds (high - low), but definitely cold air despite it being on the heat setting.
Light came on took to 3 repair shops all say tire pressure fine but when they go to clear the warning it is like the computer is not talking to sensor .
light still on. How can I have repaired without Car no longer under warranty
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