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hearing whining
I can not fine the cord
When I pull out of my driveway and start to go my car berly accelerates then starts to go after about 60 seconds. Then once I get to a complete stop and start to go it takes a min to get going.
someone mention filter and o2 modular?

How long have you had this problem? Couple of weeks
tried new bulbs and new switch and still not working
I went to the store got back in the car it wouldn't start on the dashboard it said no bus
selector is working fine just only have heat coming out of far left ports
Both those lights come on & am unable to drive. We've tried disconnecting the battery for hours, & would work fine.BUT, this has happened 3 times, Is it a Fuse problem?
When I go over uneven roads I hear a popping sound like fromo the rear end. i hear it when I turn the steering wheel.
When I drive my car for a few days my antenea keeps coming loose. How do I keep it tight?
I notice it when i cross over speed bumps. Only then,
battery died but is fine now that it is fully charged AC is only thing not workin
There is no power to the positive side of the main relay switch . The relay switch itsself is good. Looked at all fuses and wiring and cant find the problem. any ideas. three weeks without my car.
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