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I went to the store got back in the car it wouldn't start on the dashboard it said no bus

selector is working fine just only have heat coming out of far left ports

Both those lights come on & am unable to drive. We've tried disconnecting the battery for hours, & would work fine.BUT, this has happened 3 times, Is it a Fuse problem?

When I go over uneven roads I hear a popping sound like fromo the rear end. i hear it when I turn the steering wheel.

When I drive my car for a few days my antenea keeps coming loose. How do I keep it tight?

I notice it when i cross over speed bumps. Only then,

battery died but is fine now that it is fully charged AC is only thing not workin

There is no power to the positive side of the main relay switch . The relay switch itsself is good. Looked at all fuses and wiring and cant find the problem. any ideas. three weeks without my car.

I've noticed an issue with shifting. Basically, I can shift into reverse and have no issues getting the Jeep to move. But when I shift in Drive or D1 mode from any other gear, especially Park, the Jeep wont move at all. While it's in the "Immobilized" mode, I have done a quick RPM test and found that if I apply pressure to the gas pedal (flooring it, literally) the engine will rev up for about 1 - 2 seconds, then goes stops revving up on its own, while it's still floored. When it stops revving on it's own while floored, I noticed that the engine sounds and feels like its running at less than idle, in that the engine is much quieter than it's ever been, and there's almost no noticeable vibrations from it. I also tested to see what happens if I let off the gas completely after the high rev, if I try flooring it again, or just applying light pressure, and noticed that it barely revs at all.

I've found that this issue happens every time I shift into any gear, then try to slip it back into Drive or D1 mode. My Jeep is around 150 miles of from breaking 51,000 overall miles, so this seems like a pretty big issue for an engine that's just barely broken in.

I've checked a few forums online, and some people think it's a heat issue, but this happens even if the Jeeps been sitting for more than 12 hours overnight, and happens every time I try to shift into Drive or D1, so it seems temperature no effect on the issue.

It happened for the first time when I got off work yesterday, then again when I was leaving for work this morning. Then, on that same drive to work this morning, I stopped after 30 minutes of driving at a gas station to get a drink, and the problem was still there, so cool or hot, the issue is still very much present.

At first I thought this may be the result of some safety feature installed, as it started literally 48 hours after I got my tires replaced (as apparently the front tires only get worn on the inside, closer to the engine, and still looked almost new on the outside.) I did have to bring the Jeep back to the shop as the grommet on the TPMS sensor for the front drivers tire was pinched, causing the tire to deflate due to a faulty reading from the TPMS, so I thought it triggered a safety feature, but apparently not, as that issues fixed, and then the problem started.

I've also noticed that whenever it rains and the Jeep is parked outside, the map light in the front of the Jeep and the removable flashlight lamp in the rear leak profusely!

Any ideas what could be causing these issues. My Jeep is way to young to be acting this decrepit!!!

No power to asd engine feed 2 fuse but fuse is good. Mechanis believes it a starter relay switch but cant seem to locate in this car. help. Been without a car for 8 days now.

What is the cost of replacing a total intergrated power module? . My email is Thanks for your help