2010 Jeep Commander Questions

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In Addition to the transmission over-temp warning I have on two occasions had the Jeep crank but run so rough that the whole vehicle shakes, on several other occasions it starts a little rough then just cuts off.
Is the ac drain line the same as the sun roof drain line? Is it a blue ribbed tube?
Where is the end of the drain line ?
When trying to change spark plugs, the coil packs on drivers side wont come all the way out or hard to remove due to the bolt not coming out.
The popping in tight turns occurs when turning right and left. The clank/thud can be felt in the floorboard when turning and backing/forward when shifting from Drive to Reverse or vice versa, think 3 point turns in and out of driveway or parking spaces. Its been checked out at the dealership multiple times. The most they have done was lubing the wheel/turning stops. But it doesn't go away.
Just like when u first start the car and all ur warning lights kick on and then off as ur vehicle checks them all out. But our jeep does it even after an hr or so while drivin they will all flash on and start dinging...
installing a my-gig Lockpick for my camera and nav. override. Good system I put it in my 2014 Jeep Liberty and works awesome.
no lights seats radio and i dont know if connected but cant get key to push in help
It chirps when it's cold starting. Mild chirp when it warms up.
stopped working
A few days ago the airbag icon between the gauges would light with a bell sound, and then go off. I timed them and it took anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before it came back on, but no regular pattern. I didn't not notice any consistent driving condition (bumps, acceleration, braking). Yesterday it stayed on most of the day.
2010 Jeep Commander 3.7L I cant find a Haynes manual on it so any help would be appreciated.
Dealer says default code P0456 requires replacing Evap. Vapor canister. Wants big bucks to change, I'm quite handy is it a DIY?
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