2007 Jeep Commander Questions

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It makes a knocking noise. I have had my tires rotated and balanced, but it still makes the noise.

What needed:
Trans Lines leaking
Trans Flush
4 x 4 Service
Tune up services are due
Front & Rear Differential

Service Code reads:
0 miles to service
Trying to find best repair for vehicle that woun't take advantage or make unnecessary repairs or problems?

Shifted from reverse into drive quickly without pressure on the accelerator. Unfamiliar grinding noise and lurch motion prior to acceleration. First time occurrence.

While driving, car will have no acceleration and be stuck at 40 mph randomly. If I pull over, turn car off, wait a few, then it may work. It seems that it wont downshift while this happens. Happens more when travelling up very little inclines. Been is shop many times. Could this be a filter repair?

My check engine light came on and I did a engine diagnostic and these three codes pop up..p0133,p0137,and p0430 is this a big problem to fix?

car misfiring ,not running on all cylinders

replaced spark plugs a couple months ago, but did not replace ignition coils

My daughter took my vehicle off roading now it makes a grinding sound when making turnd plz help

My car will all the sudden shift into 4tb gear and stay there, it will jerk/slam the whole car

fuses are good
new bulbs
tailgate light operational

Tiene encendida luz check engine

Dealer charged me $110 diagnostic fee to tell me that pcm needed to be replaced at a tune of $900 + labor. I did some research and saw where pcm were recalled in 2006-2007. I called the manufacturer and was told,based on my vin# that my 2007 commander was not included even though im experiencing the same exact problems. My personal mechanic advised me to pickup my vehicle up immediately from the local dealer. Does any one know about a pcm software upgrade?

I only get cold air on drivers side. The rear and passenger side blows warm.