1992 Jeep Comanche Questions

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seems like overload of fuel, hesitates but then catches up. Now is starting to back fire occationally on acceleration. Vehicle has a 4L inline 6 with 200k miles. Not driven very far but driven on a daily basis. New tuneup(plugs, wires, cap, rotor) about 2k ago, which equals about 6mo. of driving.
Seems to happen most at slow speeds under 30 going straight
My 92 commanche is very hard to start whem warm, went thru check out in manual. Checked pick-up sensor, tps, cps, map, O2 sensors, checked gas pressure and bleed down and still the engine floods when I try to restart it. I check for fault codes, none found. Spark is good at dist. cap and at plugs. Truck has new timing chain and ran good for months until this happened, I'm stumpted!
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