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My headlight went out and I purchased new bulbs but they wont stay on. I had the switch set on on not on auto. I put in the new lights and they weren't the cheap ones either they were the best ones you could get for that style. every time I turn the switch to on they stay on for maybe 2 to 5 seconds and shut off. ive asked 2 other people to look at it they cant figure it out. one guy told me to clean my sensor and unhook my battery I did that and I still cant get it to stay on. Ive searched online to see if I could find someone else with this problem and I couldn't find any help
On my dash the message "Stop/Start Unavailable Service Stop/Start System" periodically displays. This has occurred since the 40,000 maintenance service and I now have 46,000 miles on my Cherokee. My car Starts and Stops fine but am concerned about this message.
when i am stopping or some time turning real slow
Mostly but not always after an open road drive of 30+ miles. Then resets itself after about one minute. Repeats every few minutes in traffic once it starts.
Dealer suggests replacing differential position sensor after reading fault code.
Do know that the thermostat is faulty and have appointment to fix it. Got an alert saying that my engine is hot, but there is no reading on my coolant temperature. Jeep was not blowing out any hot air inside of the car. All other temperatures were normal, and was driving just fine. Have done highway and regular driving. Error messages popped up while driving highway. This is the 2nd time that it's come on in 2 days. Also says to service my electronic throttle control.
I am repairing my wrecked Cherokee and cant find where to mount the two sensors
Replaced the battery and check engine light came on why
When taking off giving the gas the car Boggs down then takes off. When passing another car the same thing happens it Boggs down hesitates then kicks in.
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