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no start, no power to injectors, when center connector to pcm is pulled and spay start is used it will run as long as i keep spraying. Also the "no bus message goes out and gauges work.if i had enough cans and a long hose icould get around.tried almost all suggestions. thanks. ronald
I need my car. Diagnostic says manifold. Does that mean it is the manifold or could it be heater core problem that is affecting. Manifold?
Not sure if it's inside or out but I've cleaned the car out. Still can't find the rattle.
Usually, it pretty tough to push down. Once it went flat the ground and I only just lightly pressed on it..
seems to be in the winter time the most
how can you stop water coming in from the blower motor, pass side flood keeps getting wet
I have code P0700 P0740 P1568. They replaced the TCC solenoid. With the fluid exchange. Then the bad cluster or NO BUS on odometer shows up. I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 V6. I'm guessing it's a faulty wire some were. Or the CPS. Any guess on what it could be? The transmission shifts great no stalling or slipping. It's just eats up on fuel. Sometimes the check engine goes on and off when off, the gas gauge hardly moves. When it's on it wastes fuel. I have also noticed burnt oil lately. I have put 8000 mile and have changed the oil 5 times.
I have low oil pressure when idling
Im a mail carrier and i get to same spot onmy rt when its warmer out and jeep wont re start. I have to wait for apprx an hour til gas smell subsides and then it will idle rough but finally start running right. Only happens when its above 65 degrees. Perfectly fine in winter time. At a loss!!!
Start. Looks like a key with line through it in top right corner of cluster
I replaced the door distribution panels but to no avail
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