1999 Jeep Cherokee Questions

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jeep was idle for 2 years, radiator had alot of rust, drove care for 70 miles and it became hot and has

now been getting hot
Sometimes it has to sit alittle while before it will crank back up
I am having to run my Jeep morning and night or it will not hold a charge. I am told the battery is good and still under warranty and that it is not the alternator or fuel pump. If I do have to have someone out to jump it they say they won't replace the battery. They don't check connections or grounds or clean terminals or anything, so how do I ask them to do that or is anyone else having this problem and if so do you know the reason for it. Mileage is 80,000.
White smoke coming from motor and tail pipe and no oil was on the oil stick when I checked it
Could it be a timing chain, rocker arm... Thoughts ?
My 99 jeep is not a 4 wheel drive it is a rear wheel only.Mechanic referee to the problem as a death wobble.what could be wrong with it
Alarm light on instrument panel.
"P I" .
Turn key, nothing happens, does not turn over. Just get the alarm lights.
acceleration when i'm drive in it I need help what to look for and how to fix it please
is this the range sensor and if so can it be cleaned or does it need replaced?
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