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He was driving the other day, turned a corner and is suddenly started running like it has 2 of 6 plug wires unplugged.

we replaced the distributor cap ( it was grooved ) the rotor and the throttle Positioning Sensor because it felt loose and suspect to me.

It is throwing a P0138, P0300, P0700 and a P0740.

what could have possibly caused all of these codes to start suddenly? A fuse? A relay? Thanks for any help you might provide!

I am looking for a shop neaR 63144 which can work in the RENIX System

check engine code is p0405.

My jeep will start fine but when your goin down the road it wants to cut out and not go when you give it gas it takes a while before it stops what could be wrong with it

Come to a complete stop but when I start to pull off its like my transmission didn't kick down to 1st gear. Give it gas rpms are real low until it kicks into 1st or 2nd gear. Sometimes I can downshift to first when it does it to get it to act right.

and was wondering if the head gasket was goin out or how my mechanic friend would diagnose the problem or issues

Can't it just be welded if the crack is small?

Ac serving ads state $49.00 to service a/c systems. Why are the estimates here over $200?

How much to replace an exhaust manifold on my jeep? It was just replaced 4 years ago, shouldn't they last a bit longer?

Changed the coil.. Still nothing. Iv got power at the coil and distributor. But no spark coming from the coil. I was told if it was the cps at fault the fuel pump wouldn't kick on. But it does.please help

Transmission seems to be in high gear all the time.

Automatic transmission. Replaced fuel pump about three months ago. No codes. Hard long starts and have to give a little gas to start up also, has been jumping and hesitating on take offs and turns when fuel gauge reads half tank or less. Have heard that a throttle positioning sensor going bad would cause a problem like this (but that would throw a code right?), also a sending unit/fuel pump issue would have similar symptoms. Yesterday had jeep running at idle ran fine about five minutes later it was running rough(approx. 350-400 rpms) then ran fine once I gave it some gas. I put it in drive and moved abut 20 feet and it was running very rough again (same RPMs) then just died. Now all it will do is crank over no fuel pressure in fuel rAil check valve. Last fuel up was 2 days ago ( only drove aprox150 miles + or - ) has half a tank right now. And catalitic is removed (thought a clogged cat was culprit) turns out it wasn't oops! Any help on this will be greatly appreciated