1997 Jeep Cherokee Questions

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Vacuum lines work from engine through firewall to AC, but only get floor vents and side defrost vent AC is cold but dash vents have no action.
As that is all that is wrong with the exaust
I've replaced crank sensor coil plugs wires two relays in fuse box under hood cleaned throtle body wires and wrapped em properly car still stalls while driving after it starts missing and obdtwo diag still shows po123 to much voltage meter reads 5.15
Whyis this? What is broken? Car can be moved in park I have to use emergency brake.
I thought this site was for real but I was wrong & most people only want answers but forget helping the other person-

last Monday the vehicle sounded fine then on Tuesday morning as I pulled out the driveway is could hear the front axle growling- I checked to be sure I was in 2 wheel drive, all setting were A-Ok.
no codes or any sensor on the display popped-up.
replaces hubs-no help
Checked for vacuum leaks, can't find any,recently put a stereo in.My boyfriend is pretty good with cars,he also checked the switching doors and they seem to operate. It switches back and forth for no apparent reason, I even tried leaving the vent control on the same setting after it was coming out of the front vents,but it randomly switched back to the defrost vent again. Its too hot for this :-[
My jeep has a problem with dying all of a sudden and it wont restart.It will sometimes run for a few days and then it does it again, I have replaced the crankshaft sensor but it still does the same thing.Dealer told me it might be the computer or wiring but they couldnt be sure.I get code 1694 ,Is there any way to tell wich one.Maybe there is a certian part of the wiring harness that has problems?
When I am using the breaks my break lights do not come on, we just bought this car and I am not familiar with it yet.
We replaced the idle speed control a year or so ago, but this seems a little different. It shudders and shakes like it is going to cut off, but if I give it gas with my foot on the brake, it does not cut off. It will also occassionally shudder and shake going down the road for a few seconds. What could this be? ( Transmission was replaced 2 months ago).
he says it is like a 6 hr job?
Hi, had someone take the jeep and broke off the high beam handle and casing, also the horn is jammed and broken inside and hanging. lights stay on all the time and have to disconnect the battery terminal.

Can you tell me approximately how much to repair since I think the entire steering column may need to be replaced. along with the high beam mechanism and obviously the horn.
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