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new compression related components changed but problem continues
this person don't have much money. but not going to do it for nothing!
i have a 1996 jeep cherokee sport. i was driving down the road and everything went crazy the radio start to mess up and the turn signal started messing up and started to tick like a ticking time bomb and died it wont start someone told me it could be ecm or battery cables or could it be something else
I feel that there may be a clog. It has been sitting for over a yr
As i wsa driving home in my jeep two days ago it decided to break down. what had happened is i was driving doing about 50 when the car just stopped running i was crusing and slowing down naturally. I lost all power steering and when i tried to come to a stop i had to practically jump on my brakes. so now when i try to start the jeep it cranks but wont turn over. this came at the worst possible time for me and if anyone might have a clue to what it my be your help would be much appreciated
The headllights on the jeep keep blinking off and on and the same time. Iv'e checked the negative and the switch to see if it gets hot and it doesn't.
what is the cost of repair for replacing the mainshaft in the transfer case on a 1996 jeep cherokee ?
The 12 volts that shoud run thru one of the two wires that plugs in to the coil is missing no 12 volts, where shoud it come from? all the fuses are good, Will it start if i put the 12 volts in to the wire?
There is no volt going thru nun of the two wires that plugs in to the coil when i turn the switch to on, need to know why and what do thanks.
All the fueses are good
there is no B+ in one of the two wires that plugs in to the coil i check all fuses they are ok can you give me an ider
what coud be. my email:
speedometer sometimes stops working when it stops working the rpm gauge stops working and gas gauge goes past full and light stays on .what is going on
I recently called a locksmith and he apparently messed up the lock on my passenger door. When I attempt to unlock it with the key it only turns it will not unlock. How much does that cost to repair
I bought the jeep used in August '10 and found out how to do a self-diagnostic check with the key switches in the ignition.  I received the code 12 42 21.  Immediately afterward I tried to start the jeep and it would barely start.  I had to keep the rpms at a minimum of 2500 or it would die on me. After letting it die a couple times it started acting normally again. 

Since then it's done it a couple more times to me.  But after a couple times dying it starts acting normally again.  (Not in cold weather.)

In the middle of December I took it to the shop to get new tires, brakes inspected (the ABS light has been on since I bought it), and an alignment.  

The day after bringing it home, I jumped in, unlocked the doors from the inside, and went to start it, and it died.  I took the key out, put it back in, and immediately all the power went out.  I took the key out, power came back on.  Put the key back in, power out.  I got out, shut the door, waited for a minute or so and got back in.  It started up like nothing was wrong.  It's really frustrating - the shop has no idea what it is, and I really don't want to get stuck somewhere in the snowy mountains of PA this winter.

Any ideas?  Thank you so much in advance.
Fan belt has to be replaced, however, I don't see anything obvious that will allow me to adjust the belt tension. Please advise on the procedure.
my jeep will start and idle fine until you shift it into gear then it just dies. I want to believe it is the torque converter but I might be wrong. If it is how much does a repair like that usually cost?
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