1996 Jeep Cherokee Questions

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There no slippage nor loss of power. Bearings? How to go about repair please.
They can't seem to figure out what is causing it. Any clues or thoughts?
Why did it not hold the charge?
Hello all! I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0liter V6 that won't accelerate over 15mph. The engine is pretty shaky. I have replaced both o2 sensors as well as the catalytic converter, as I suspected those and the check engine light codes pointed to 02 sensor. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what the problem could be?

Thanks!! :)
Are jeep ha rubber hoses on both coolant line by the radiator. Is that standard equipment ? Why would it all of a sudden blow one of the off?
Recently I had the starter changed. After, there was a ticking coming from under the hood. I was afraid it was the motor, but I think I have determined that's not it. The belt also squeals terribly when I start it and the squealing has begun to last longer. Could the 2 be related and what could the problem be?
the manifold seems to be resting on the axel so I am wondering maybe I cant use this type of manifold on a 96:(
4.0 hi output 6 cylinder 2 wheel drive, I noticed it's quite common for the exhaust manifolds to crack, on other years as well, is there a flaw with this part which is causing it to crack?
Pinion seal removal
Pinion seal removal
i want an estimate for transmission and labor costs for my jeep.
tor and overflow tank are full or at proper level. gauge showed higher than ever without getting in the red then it showed cooling down.
can be cold or hot outside. same for engine. uphill or downhill. low or high speed. completely random. will start up after short interval. No code lights, no warning.
I have replaced my alternator and computer about 3 months ago. Now the alternator only charges sporadically, what could cause this?
its done this before. bought new battery but something seems to be draining it.
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