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Im not trying to convert to a 4x4 I just cant find a 4x2 transmission close b y without paying an arm and a leg for. Picknpull has a 4x4 off a 95 model they said it would fit but i want to make sure befor I go through with it
We recently took our Jeep to the dealership because it wouldn't start 6 out of 7 tries. It was the power train control module, which was replaced. Turned on the AC on the way home, blew hot air. Took it to dealer for AC service. Dealer said the AC had burnt out half the control module, which was replaced at no charge. Jeep in the shop for a week -- replaced some cracked wiring and connectors but said they couldn't repair the AC because the wiring was too old. $1200 total gone, and no AC and the after-market window controls don't work. It's 104* in Tucson today. HELP!!!
right hand drive
where are the transmission sensors?
I'm getting no spark and I changed the cps,pick up coil,ignition coil ever since I had eliminated the catalytic converter for a pipe the jeep started giving me problems,don't know if it might be the o2 sensor that goes in that area where the catalytic use to be also the obd scanner is not reading any codes the scanner starts to read and stays stuck scanning and never gives me a code and I know the scanner is good because I used it on other vehicles
trying to get codes to get emission test performed and scanner will not connect
I bought a fuse last friday for brake lights and signals. it blew this morning. bought a new one this morning and it blew too.
I just replaced the flywheel and crankshaft position sensor in my 96 Cherokee Country. The vehicle will crank now but when put into gear the transmission makes a terrible noise. It was not cranked while towed. But the front tires look extremely out of line. What are possible damages from towing in this manner.
He also added and additional 3626.07 as additional work that needed to be done . Is replacing the transfer case assembly a safety issue that I need to fix right away?
my rear o2 wiring harness got caught up in the drive shaft and tore two other wiring harnesses up in the process. i cannot figure out where one of them goes to. it is a round 4 pin female adapter and it has a black/blue, green/orange, black/white, tan/white wires. it plug into the wiring harness in the engine and i don't have a clue where it goes to from there. for some reason my engine is not getting any fire. i also cannot do not know the colors of the harness that plugs in to the rear o2 sensor. any help would be greatly appreciated.
driving on interstate about 60 i thought it died cause rpms went really high but went back to normal. i pulled over and stopped, when i tried to drive off i could only go about 25 mph??? with the rpms around 3-4
There is a hook that does not line up and the muffler opening does not line up with the pipe
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