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05/10 noticed missing broke bolt oil leaks down passanger side block leaked before now more so the whole side is covered bit my oil level is fine Got work done in by a shop there03/2017 valve cover gasket replaced. Oil pan gasket replaced frnt and rear differtials serviced new rear drums new frnt and rear shocks new ...had more work done in 04/2017 new power steeringline new u joints front axle both sides and axle seals both sides....since o bought for 1500 12/2016 for 1500 ibe noticed oil where the block meets the head valve cover is oily on top ccvs seem to clear. No oil in coolant oe coolant in oil...coolant bottle is full but if look in tje radiator cap cant see any bent neck tube though...small sand build up dosent overheat rough idle no coolant loss that i know of is my head gasket ffffd how do i get the bolt...neither mechanic has mentioned anything about the oil or head gasket or coolant i brought my jeep nack to the first place i got work done because rhe oil pan was still leaking....theu said it wasnt the oil pan but rear main seal did the first shop ffff my vavle cover bolts should nring it bakc to them for warranty wjy didnt either suggest new bolts idk what do ido already 4500 in wanted to restore us as dd
had just added fluid and drove to store
it happened 4 times in 30 days
I was doing donuts in the snow and heard a loud pop and the grill insert came flying off and the engine started to steam
I have a '95 XJ with the 4.0 6-cyl, and I went for a ride one night. It ran amazing all night until the way home. It idles at 800-900 RPM, when I touch the gas pedal it will go up to 3,000ish and start back firing and sputtering and climb no higher. But if I slowly, ever so slowly, push the pedal down it will climb up to 5,000. I don't understand. We checked multiple sensors, cut my cat off thinking it was plugged, and even added iso-heet to clear out any possible water. I've been told it's either my fuel pump or distributor cap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Can use power probe to go down. Checked master switch, ok. It's driving me crazy..
The truck has been blowing fuses left and right since the radio was installed and now fuses look fine but fuel gauge quit working stuck on full and dome light wont go off and radio has been removed now too but still everything is acting screwy.. Also acts like a fan isn't working because thermostat rises when sitting still or going slowly but cools down when running highway speeds.
At 45mph.when I pull over, it is hard to turn with out feeling as tho I'm gonna brake something when doing do. It does make a little cvc noise during this time.. remind you it only does this after driving it at 45 for about 10..
I shut off car right away & put water & it ran fine.
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