1994 Jeep Cherokee Questions

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Put an new engine in now the keep won't start. Timing chain is on right it cranks over but won't start

Previous owner replaced tires, but too big and now rubs fenders when I turn.

Replaced: stater, cap, rotor button, coil, harness to coil, CTS, MAP, plugs, wires, ECM. Tested wires to firewall, fuses, relays, ruled out NSS.

Gas gauge and speedometer stopped working

I had brake lights but no running lights thought I got it fixed but now the brake lights are not working. I replaced all fuses inside and out and nothing. Dash lights are out now too. What could be causing this

My jeep cuts off in the middle of driving when it reaches 210 temp

My key turns but now i have no heater interior lights dash lights radio wipers turn signals nothing and it also drains the battery fast i figured there is a short but im not sure where to begin looking please help i need this car running

What is the name of this plastic housing that the heating hoses come into? its white and has about 5 different hoses coming into it. its on the left side of the engine

What is the trade in value for 1994 jeep Cherokee with 280,000 miles

.they all quit working at same time

while driving my jeep at 45 to 50 MPH if i hit a small bump or rut in the road my vehicle starts shaking violently. I must bring the vehicle to a full stop to get the vehicle under control

while driving my Jeep Cherokee at 45 to 50 MPH the vehicle starts to shake violently if i hit a small bump or rutt in the road. I must come to a full stop to get it under control again.

i need a mechanic that could help me with my steering. i knocks and jerks when i turn. also it sounds like my tires in the front are screeching (peeling out). only when i turn & have the death wobble when i hit 40-50 mph. HELP!

I have wanted a Jeep all my life. I have a chance to buy one but I need something that will pull more than 3,000lbs since that is what my camper weighs empty. Will anyone advise me on this matter? sincerely, Lindagtown