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Jaguar Vanden Plas (6 Reviews)
OMG I have had my 1999 vdp for several years. Love it to death. Had to put a headliner in and a fuel pump ( because I ran the tank low.. alot. bad idea. the fuel keeps them cool. low fuel heats them up and they burn out). IF U HAVE WHAT APPEARS TO BE A STARTER OR ALTINATOT OR BATTERY PROBLEM.....PLEASE check under the hood on the passanger side. there is a booted coupling in front of that weard storage box. mine coroded . this line brings the power up from the battery. unscrew the box and check the coupling on both sides. clean it,grease it and reboot the rubber .. should do the job.
Bought this car used with 58K miles on it. I've put 8K miles on it since. Have had few problems with it. The ride is smooth and quiet and acceleration is good. Get many comments on what a great looking car it is. I think Ford ironed out many of the mechanical problems Jag had before. Have found a few local mechanics (ASE certified) who are willing to work on the vehicle when needed. So far, I've been very happy with the car. Would love to get an 03 Jag XKR!
I bought this car used with around 40K miles on it - so I was the second owner. I really loved this car, it’s sleek, fast, comfortable, and you feel like the Queen of England when you drive down the road in it (mine was emerald green – the color of money ;-)). The real problem is that you love the car so much you don’t know when to get rid of it – I thought I would keep it until it was an antique because they don’t make this body style anymore and it is so beautiful. When I got the car I had an extended warranty on the car to 90K miles – it was covered bumper to bumper. As I approached the 90K miles I kept getting notices to extend my warranty, but the car ran so great I was like “what in the world could possibly go wrong?” Needless to say, I did not renew the warranty and right as the car clicked to 100K miles, it was like a red flag went up and said – “okay, it’s time to break down.” The first thing to go was the transmission, the dealer wanted to charge me 10K to replace it, so I looked for another mechanic who charged me $5,500 and the car still looked great but it never ran the same. I now felt like Miss Daisy, the car had NO pickup. Not sure if this would have been different had I used the Jag dealer… two months later I had some belt go out and it cost me $2,500 – but at this point I found a really good Jag mechanic… within a year after the transmission went out I had spent over 10K on fixing things in that car and it finally ran great again – but still slower due to that transmission. But I was happy, and then a couple of years ago, one night I was driving down the George Washington Parkway and it was raining and there was a tree that had broken and fallen on the road, I swerved to miss it, lost control of the car, and ended up going into the forest towards the Potomac River, hit 3 or 4 trees head on, and finally a 4 foot boulder stopped the car. Needless to say, that was the end of that car – but I walked away from that accident with just a few bruises. I still miss that car, and I question if I would have survived that crash in another car. But I doubt I will ever buy that car again.

So, my biggest recommendation for this car is 1) get the extended warranty if you can, 2) once the warranty expires (or sooner), get a really good Jag mechanic (not the dealer, they are too expensive), 3) don’t buy the car if you can’t afford to fix it all the time – even with a good mechanic, it is still costly, and 4) don’t fall in love with a car.
Love this automobile. 77k and not much wrong.
This car is 16 years old and we are the second owners. We have replaced outer door handles for less than $40.00 and the headliner was $250.00. Recently replaced the fuel pump with filter and that was less than $125.00. It is a good ride. Comfortable ride and we just love it.. Dee Dee
The car is now eleven years old with 60,000 miles and, contrary to what one is led to believe, operating problems and costs have been small. The head liner let go, which I understand is common, and was replaced at about $1,000. The interior rear view mirror exploded spontaneously on a hot day and was replaced at about $400. Otherwise, the car runs and stops as new, appears as beautiful as it first did, and is as quiet as ever. All of that, and the lightly used Vanden Plas has depreciated to close to zero in the marketplace. Lovely car. A pleasure to own.